From the book Ancient Art of Self Healing which is a collection of excerpts from lectures, notes and classes by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (Yogi Bhajan)   

"A woman should be mentally and physically prepared to conceive.  It is absolutely wrong to be pregnant when you are spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or physically unprepared.

It has been estimated that in a very fast society, 80% of all conceptions happen by chance.  The worst thing that is happening these days is that people get pregnant to get married, they use it as a pressure, or it happens in their premarital relationship and this becomes one of the reasons to get a license to declare it to the public.  It is a very sad situation.  To be very frank and honest, it will ruin the IQ of the child up to 33%.  One-third of the possible IQ of the child, his potential health, his faculty of creativity and his intelligence to deal with his personal security will be ruined if the mother was physically, mentally, and spiritually unprepared to conceive the child, and it will be a loss of another 20% if the father is similarly unprepared.  Before it happens, the pregnancy should be totally, emotionally, characteristically, analytically, materially, physically, mentally, and spiritually discussed, planned and noted down.  Within the individual environment of capability of this responsibility, this planning should be absolutely detailed.  It is very important; there is hardly any use planning it afterwards.  It is of some use, but it will be under very, very great pressure.  When a woman is pregnant her metabolism and mental faculty go through tremendous changes.

There is a life within the life, and it takes a lot of doing to keep the outer life, the woman, and the inner life, the child, in a balanced state. It has been found out that in 60% of all pregnancies the woman suffers physical and mental setbacks.  This is quite a serious situation.  It has also been found that it doesn’t matter how educated our society is, 40% of the children suffer setbacks by an unprepared pregnancy.  Normally, there are tremendous changes which bring deficiency in the character of a child when a woman who is not mentally prepared to handle pregnancy, or married life, uses the pregnancy and the child as a tantrum to get away from responsibilities.  This gives such a weak mind to the child; she damages the child to the extent of making him insecure for up to 60% of the rest of his life, We agree that people will think that babies must live.  But we disagree with them when.  They don’t explain what kind of babies.  We agree with people who think of human rights, but we disagree with those people who do not explain what are the human rights and who are the humans to have those rights."


If it is medically or socially required that an abortion should be performed, it should be done.  We are not going to lower the status of motherhood.  It is not the woman per se, it is the status of the mother which matters, and if that pregnancy lowers the mother’s status, we do not want the mother, to deliver a child.  Period.

The cry of "right of life" is religious nonsense.  What do you mean by "right of life"?  Tomorrow the State may pass a law that every woman who becomes 24 years old must adopt a child or bear a child.  They don’t want any abortions because they want their membership to outnumber that of every other religion.  It is a neurotic approach, a tribal approach, and is inappropriate for more highly civilized cultures.  It is no more than a ridiculous ritual.. It is a direct disgrace to women.  Does it mean that tomorrow you are going to tell a woman that she cannot remain single, that she must be artificially inseminated or participate in a test tube baby?  God does not place the soul in the fetus until the 120th day.  There is a reason for that.  Even God wants to have planned parenthood.  This nonsense of "right of life" is being laid down in the name of God.  There is no reason why you must bear a child if you are mentally, socially, economically, and religiously unprepared.  Don’t bring anyone to this earth if you cannot handle it.  It is most unrighteous.  As a human being it is your responsibility to deeply search yourself to know the capacity of your nervous system, the depth of your ability to love and understand, and the degree of balance between your inner thoughts and values and their expression in your environments.  If everything tabulates in the positive, then plan for a child.

4 Responses to “Conception”

  1. I understand what the Sri Singh Sahib is saying here, and I agree with a lot of it. But I’m wary of his talk about IQ. The idea of IQ was created by the American eugenics movement, the same people who created the SAT test. Both tests are culturally biased and were created to intentionally favor one race over another. It’s important to note that the founder of Planned Parenthood (while it is indeed a great organization) was also a eugenicist.

    I think the SSS was on to something meaningful. I just wish he had used different wording.

    Just my thoughts.

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa
    Waheguru ji ki Fateh

  2. Avneet says:

    I totally agree. It’s like saying that you want to start a new “life,” but you’re not ready yet. For example: if you have been doing drugs or was under depression, but now you want to change yourself then you have to prepare yourself for it mentally, physically, religiously. If you can’t prepare yourself, then there’s no way you can reform yourself to live a “better” life. =)

  3. Kaur says:

    Paji how do i get this book? i think i read on your blog that is not available but why not? i just want to read it so much now!

  4. lovepreet says:

    I like this…it is quite true, but about the IQ…I don’t know. What I do think is that pregnancy is a right of passage–or something of the sort–and the outcome–the child–needs proper care and a mother willing to provide it. What’s the point of a new life if the mother will be insecure herself and about her baby????

    Pardon my slight cryptcism—every life needs nourishment…:):):):)