Gurbani Media Center 2.0!

Gurbani Media Center 2.0!

I’m excited to announce today a new project that we have been working very hard on at SikhNet: The Gurbani Media Center. I remember over 8 years ago talking about one day creating a web system to integrate Gurbani in texual form to the Gurbani audio recordings. This one aspect has since grown into an extremely exciting new website application that I think will be the starting of creating a whole new way that we interact with Gurbani.

Last year I started brainstorming ideas for concepts and functionality and the scope of the project has since grown quite a bit! We have been in active development of this new web application for a few months, but because this is the largest project we have ever taken on at SikhNet we need your financial support to help make this service a reality.

SikhNet is able to create services such as these, only with support from the Sangat. Without this support these services would cease to exist. If you value SikhNet I hope that you will take it upon yourself to give whatever you can. Every dollar that you give will be matched by Sikh Spirit Foundation. So if you give $25, then that donation is doubled and turns into $50 for SikhNet.

There are so many features for this new web service and we attempted to highlight some of them and give you an idea of what you’ll be able to do with the Gurbani Media Center. There are a few videos and some images that I hope will get you excited and give you a glimpse of what is to come with your support.

Learn about the Gurbani Media Center


10 Responses to “Gurbani Media Center 2.0!”

  1. Antonia D'Onofrio says:


    Will the Gurbani Media Center be compatible with a MAC platform? Another quesiton. Will it require or depend on RealPlayer support. RealPlayer is not MAC friendly. Very difficult to get the plug-ins to integrate properly. These may be two concerns for your audience who are committed to Macintosh platforms.


    • toniji, the gurbani media center will be a website application not an actual program that you install on a computer. It won’t rely on any operating system. All you need is a web browser with flash player installed which is standard for most computers. Audio will be streaming MP3 so realplayer won’t be needed like the old system.

  2. Antonia D'Onofrio says:

    Gurumustukh ji

    Thank you for taking my question. So this is going to be a major media victory when all platforms have access. An advance over the SikhiToTheMax software, because that will only operate on a Windows machine. Your media center is offering much much more.

    Sat Nam,

  3. Jagtar Kaur says:

    so will this be like on ? except with additional feautures like itunes? i quite like it i must say! well done!

  4. Jeev says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh
    To Gurumustuk Singh Ji,
    congrats on this new Gurbani media center. I have some suggestions about Sikhnet:
    1) Just out of curiosity why don’t you create a page on Sikhnet in which people can click on it before they enter Sikhnet and give them options as to which language would they like to enter the site with.
    2) Second suggestion would be to have a separate section in the site under historical gurdwaras worldwide(have all the historical gurdwaras with their pictures, history of that particular gurdwara, contact information of that gurdwara and etc).
    3) Have another section in the site titled Sikh history (under this heading have all events relating to Sikhs or Sikhism from 1469 to present).
    4) Have another section titled Sikh adovcacy groups(under this heading have all the Sikh groups such as Sikh Coaltion, United Sikhs, SALDEF, and etc; with a history of that particular Sikh legal group and their contact information.)

  5. Sardar Gurumustuk Singh Ji, You are doing a supreme seva for the Sikh community and humanity. Waheguru Ji’s blessings be always with you.
    May I know if I could be able to download all the Gurbani in the Gurbani Media Centre to an external storage for lisenting at will whenever I am out and do not have access to a computer.

    Gur Fateh

  6. Jarmaljit singh Sandhu says:

    Dear Borther Gurmustak singh ji.

    Thx for your seva in sikhisim Guru ji with you.
    I want to ask that,i ahve nokia s60v5 5800xm mobile.So i want to convert it to E Gutka sahib.For that i need punjabi font.Can you please help me if you can just by telling me the way or address of any site from where i can get punjabi font

    Rabb Rakha,
    Gur Fateh

  7. Gurpreet singh says:

    gur fateh virji,

  8. Gurpree singh says:

    gur fateh virji,
    can u help me out to download software of sikhi to the max. rakha,,kzb..