The Camp Miri Piri Video – Don’t Miss Out!

The Camp Miri Piri Video – Don’t Miss Out!

It’s getting pretty close the Camp Miri Piri Event (June 14-18th) and so far we expect participants from all over the world! Brazil, Mexico, Canada, England, USA, Australia, Singapore, Chile and India! So this will be a very diverse camp with people from all over and lots of different backgrounds.

It’s not too late! Stop thinking about it and just do it! Register right now

Prepare to break your routine, Wake up, be with your brothers and sister, experience yourself, make new friendships, challenge yourself and let yourself shine! Details on the camp at:

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4 Responses to “The Camp Miri Piri Video – Don’t Miss Out!”

  1. Hitendra says:

    I stopped looking at the cricket T20 Finals being held in South Africa and switched instead to the lovely Lifestream event of Harimandir Jot Singh’s life changing moments….!!

  2. Sada Sat Simran Singh Khalsa says:

    Good work guys. Really looking forward to it. Fantastic.

  3. Yeah Sadh ! it is looking good and interesting with shanti talking and all those people who are coming man!
    I wish i could be there, but may be some day i guess whenever God would want…
    Shanti it is always great to hear your voice.!

  4. Simran says:

    I just registered (paid ) for the Miri Piri and will request days next before booking my tickets :).