Gulati Tailors

Gurumustuk on Store shop in Amritsar India

It’s funny how things like this happen in India. I never imagined my picture showing up on a store front sign! Hahaha…. I know these tailors too but they probably don’t know that is me. I get my Kurtas from them sometimes when I am in India.

The above picture on the left side of the sign is of me when I was 5 years old in Amritsar in front of the golden temple.

13 Responses to “Gulati Tailors”

  1. Avneet says:

    haha thats hilarious! haha =)

  2. Amrita Kaur says:

    omg what a coincidence!

  3. Sarib Singh Khalsa says:

    Royalties in kind, let me know if you need an agent.

  4. haha love the spelling of Strap…”Kirpan Satrap” classic engrish!

  5. Gursimran says:

    my mom was trying to find his phone number desparately but its right on the banner

  6. Gurfateh Gurmastuk Singh JI!!

    On note of Tailor, I remember some time back you posted info about a tailor in United States who can stitch Nihang style Chollas. Would you pls provide me with that information.

  7. Manpreet says:

    Even your son narayan photos with dastaar is widely used…… spl. on posters wherever there is any dastaar competetion or children related stuff………vaise..not his fault …”ooh hai inna sona”…;-)

  8. Kamaljit Singh says:

    Absolutely amazing !! If only I’d known that 3 months ago when my Dad went to India.
    Now I know. By the way, I’ve used Narayan Singh’s pics for a dastaar session at my son’s school in the UK !

  9. Jaswinder Singh says:

    This remindes me of

  10. kiran says:

    Satnam ji!
    that is something.talking of humor,i was in India at one of the road side restaurants(dhaba)
    they had this menu,didn’t spell anything right

  11. Simran Kaur says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

    That’s hilarious! I don’t really know what to say besides the fact that, that is a great picture of you! I now see the resemblance between you and everyones cutie Narayan Singh.

    God bless you, god bless us all,

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

    Simran Kaur

  12. Simran says:

    nice.. this is the way sikhs are…..confidence….