Wedding of Hari Mander Jot & Vanessa Bassett

Wedding of Hari Mander Jot & Vanessa Bassett

Most of you know Chardikala Jatha. You might not know each of them individually but Hari Mander Jot Singh who is one of the three musicians of Chardikala Jatha (and who plays rocking tabla and backup vocals) is getting married this weekend (may 24 2009)!! He is going to be the last of the three to get married.

Hari Mander Jot Singh is getting married to Vanessa Bassett here in Espanola, New Mexico. You are welcome and invited to partake of the festivities virtually online! There are two events to tune into. See below for timing and schedule.

You can tune in live online at:

Saturday, May 23rd – 7AM – 9:30AM (approx) Mountain Standard Time – USA (GMT -7:00)

  • Akandh Path Bhog
  • Asa Di Var – Bibi Amarjit Kaur (Virginia)
  • Chardikala Jatha (1 Hour of Kirtan)

Sunday, May 24th – 9:30AM – 1:00 PM (WEDDING DAY)

  • Kirtan followed by Wedding Ceremony
  • More Kirtan
  • SSS Lecture
  • Childrens Program
  • Anand Sahib / Hukamnama

10 Responses to “Wedding of Hari Mander Jot & Vanessa Bassett”

  1. Randhir kaur says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh,

    I just want to say congratulations to veer ji and bhen jee, I wish them all the best for the future. Make a beautiful couple, May Waheguru ji bless you both.

    I’m just a fan of Chardi kala jatha and enjoy listening to their keertan, they all have beautiful voices. I can’t wait for the jatha to come to England again and do keertan.

    waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh

  2. Simran Singh says:

    Wooow, May Waheguru bless this couple! Can’t wait for the wedding date now! Going to be a great one even thow I’m watching it online! But still going to be great. There tabla is so amazing and they are a really good jatha together. And thank you so much Gurmustk Ji for doing a live broadcast. Can you tell me what time the wedding will be on here in the U.K please? Thanks Sat Nam

  3. Gurjeet Singh says:

    Cool ! Congratulations Veer Jio … very happy for you and your soon-to-be wife.

  4. Simran says:

    Vadaiyaan (Congratulations) Hari Mander Jot Singh ji our to be bhabi (sister in law) Vanessa ji!

  5. Devakaur Khalsa says:

    Would you please tell us where the bride is from and where they met?

    Many blessings to the couple! I will probably be able to watch part of the wedding and am looking forward to it. Thanks so much for providing the online service for us!!

  6. Tejinder Kaur Khalsa (Vancouver) says:

    Yay! Can’t be there due to exams, but thanks to I’m tuning into all the celebrations at Siri Singhasan. Thanks Gurumustuk!

    And many many love and blessings to the bride and groom:

    “May your lives to live and your family to grow have the graceful shield of Guru Ram Das, forever, forever, forever, forever.”


    Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

  7. Bellingham says:

    Congratulation to both of you. Lucky to have each other….

  8. Sunny Singh says:

    Gurumustuk Ji,

    Do you know how to be in touch with someone at Chardikala? I tried the the email address listed on their website but it bounced back. I would like to check with them about performing kirtan at an Anand Karaj.


  9. Hey Vanessa, (another Vanessa here). I’m doing some research on our name and was wondering if you know any history behind it. Mine was from my great-grandmother, but she’s passed on now so I can’t ask her where it came from. Thanks!