Sikh & Destroy Mountain Bike Team

Sikh & Destroy Mountain Bike Team

I don’t know about all you city folk, but out here in the southwest (New Mexico) out door fun is where it is at! Mountain biking, Skiing, Snow boarding, Hiking, Mineral Hot springs, Rock Climbing, River Rafting, Kayaking, etc.

I must admit that with two younger kids I don’t have a chance to do much of these very frequently, but I love the great outdoors. I was in Los Angeles a few weeks ago which is a city of concrete and traffic. It was so nice to get back to the wide open skies of New Mexico. Ahhhhhh. Feels good to be back.

Today we are going to go to a huge Kite festival where the kids and make and decorate their kites and thousands will be flying all kinds of cool kites. It’s going to be fun!  I’ll take some pictures and report back.

Anyways…speaking of the outdoors, Two of my friends Dharampal Singh and Siri Nirongkar Singh (Both emergency medical professionals) are flying all the way up to beautiful BC, Canada for what looks like an awesome 7 day 400 mile mountain bike race in "BC Bike Race" (June 28th-July 4th). This is a world class event with approx 400 racers from around the world. The race goes from Vancouver to Whistler (via Vancouver Island). I don’t know how many of you Sikhs reading this go mountain biking, but this is sure to be a thrill and quite exhausting!

Their mountain bike team is called "Sikh and Destroy" and have been gathering sponsors and selling their cool T-Shirts to raise money for the event. I sure wish I was in shape to do a ride like that. You can watch this video to get an idea of what last year’s event was like. If you are into Mountain biking or just want to show your support, I’m sure they would love to see you there!! This is no race for the weak at heart! If you are in shape and love mountain biking you can still register for the event. This is probably considered a vacation for the outdoor enthusiast!! Hahaha…

Details are all at:

Ps. You can buy one of the T-Shirts and help support them by emailing [email protected] ($20 plus $4 S/H). The "Sikh and Destroy Mountain Bike team" is on the front and sponsors on the back of the shirt.

6 Responses to “Sikh & Destroy Mountain Bike Team”

  1. Kanwar Singh says:

    That’s awesome…where can I get my hands on one if those t-shirts!?

  2. Poonam S says:

    My Question, Are any of these Good Looking Guys Single……….Ha, Ha, Ha.

  3. Poonam S says:

    I am on my way to Esponola………

  4. barrie mcdonald says:

    hi from victoria bc canada. canada,s cyclings capital. i will be a aid station vollinter. i was a volly at the first bc bike race. im extreamly happy that you can show, how too bring happynes and karrma too this world class event..blessings on you. barrie 2007 voted the 5th best volly at the bc bike race i look forward to making you smile.