What’s Happening at Camp Miri Piri

What’s Happening at Camp Miri Piri

We have made the last adjustments to the schedule for Camp Miri Piri, June 14th – 18th, and will be an outstanding and memorable three days of inspiration, learning, and enjoying the company of the Sadh Sangat. We am humbled and amazed at the depth and breath of teachers who have come forward to teach at this camp – all with the pure motivation of sharing Chardi Kala with all of us who have been drawn to be together for this experience – Shanti Kaur


Here’s some of what’s happening at Camp Miri Piri:

  • Guru Hargobind Sahib – Experience the presence and power of Guru Hargobind, our 6th Guru – the Master of the Miri and Piri (Spiritual and Worldly realms)
  • Man-to-man workshop – Understand and experience the the science of the power and strength of the male role, energy and presence in relation to the shakti aspect of creation. We will get practical tools to harness our energy as men and be powerful and effective in our lives.
  • Woman-to-woman workshop – The women will simultaneously gather to acknowledge the grace and dignity they bring to humanity. We will get practical tools to eliminate insecurity and grow in our power as women.
  • Akal Takhat Martyrdom – Understand the spiritual significance of the martyrdom of the Akal Takhat as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of 1984.
  • Anand Sahib Workshop – We will experience the depth of Guru Amar Das Ji’s ‘Song of Bliss’ to bring us closer to our soul. We will learn together how to use the Anand Sahib as a tool to help us profoundly step-by-step at each stage of our lives.
  • Grisht Ashram – The Householder’s Life workshop – Sharing the wisdom of the Guru on the techniques for successful married life and creating cozy homes.
  • Bowing Jaap Sahib – An amazingly powerful meditation on the “Karam Naam”, the action Names of God. Experience the physical namaskar of Waheguru while we recite Jaap Sahib together in the warrior’s rhythm.
  • Warrior Workout – We will be practicing yoga, gatka (shasatar vidiya) and/or exercise workouts every morning. Be ready to be challenged and to ride the waves of energy!
  • Daily yoga classes – To strengthen our nervous and glandular systems and develop a meditative mind and the ability to maintain grace under pressure. This will deeply enhance your spiritual experience as well as deepen your Sikhi.threefour days of camp for beautiful kirtan that will enrapture your soul.
  • Sat Nam Rasayan (healing) workshop – Have an incredible healing experience with a renowned master of healing. Guru Dev Singh will guide us to make a firm and lasting connection with our souls and experience the essence of deep healing.
  • Beautiful Kirtan – Join Snatam Kaur, Chardikala Jatha, and Chardikala Jatha’s teacher, Ustaad Narinder Singh throughout the course for beautiful kirtan that will enrapture your soul.
  • Amrit Vela Sadhana – There is nothing sweeter than meditating in the ambrosial hours of the morning in the Sadh Sangat. See you there!
  • Meditation workshops – Giving us direct experience of the realms of Miri and Piri.
  • Sadh Sangat – One of the best parts of a camp is being fully present each other! Join dozens of others who, like you, want to make a connection with our soul as we do it together in this powerful way.

For more details or to register visit: http://www.sikhnet.com/campmiripiri/

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  1. palvinder s says:

    wjkk wjkf veerji please give us update on these camp for ppl like us who cant attend the camp please!

  2. sukh simran says:

    I will be renting a car~ if anyone wants to get a ride, I am getting in ABQ sunday morn!