Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute!

Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute!

This is a humorous SikhNet production (by Gurujot Singh) meant to encourage YOU to start now and make a video for the 4th Annual, SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival. 


"Prabhu Singh makes a terrible video the weekend before submission date and tries to show it to his friends. Don’t make the same mistake. Start now, and take your time making your video"


View details on the SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival, list of prizes and watch videos from previous years at:


3 Responses to “Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute!”

  1. Kawal Pal Singh Khalsa says:

    Nice. Satnam

  2. M Singh says:

    LOL! “When I was a young boy, my momma used to say life is like a box of ladoos”

  3. Harkiren Kaur says:

    How beautifully ridiculous – I loved it!

    Aww I miss all of you – hugs all round!


    Harkiren Malaysia