Three Rules of Success

Three Rules of Success

Here are three things that I totally relate to and practice. I hate hearing negative things about others. It’s like a virus that spreads and can change how you think about people. Some people who I like all of a sudden can look bad because someone says something negative about them.

by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa

1. Never speak ill of anyone.

2. Never act ill toward anyone.

3. Never listen to anyone speak ill of another.

    2 Responses to “Three Rules of Success”

    1. khalsa lakhvir singh says:

      golden advice. engrained in the soul from now on :D

    2. Simran says:

      Thank you for the reminder. Its quite short and sweet in Punjabi and is affirmed by Gurbani too

      Kiseda Vi:
      Bura Na Kaho
      Bura Na Suno
      Bura Na Karo


      “Ninda Bhali Kise ki naahi..”
      “Bure Da Bhala Kar”
      “Jin Ko Potay Pun Paieya tina gur sabday sukh hoye”