Songs from the Soul

Songs from the Soul

In the early 1970s when SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (Yogi Bhajan) came to America there were many inspirational songs that were written by people who had become Sikhs. Most of us didn’t know Punjabi, so English was the mode of expression for these songs about the Khalsa and the Gurus.

For those of us who have been along all this time have heard the many beautiful songs which are now classics in our circles. Singing them brings a sense of inspiration. It is common to hear these when people get together.

Over the years I have seen various Sikhs from Punjabi background who have also gotten inspiration from these songs. Those youth who have grown up in America and other western countries have found this connection since they are more westernized than they are Punjabi and relate to these songs very differently then someone from India.

I was just catching up with emails today and got an email from someone who had forwarded me a few beautiful music videos that were posted on youtube. It was really cool to hear about the hardship that she went through and how these songs helped pull her through it.

Last week to celebrate Vaisakhi she recorded herself singing "Song of the Khalsa" (which to this day we sing at every Gurdwara before Anand Sahib as a source for inspiration and a reminder of who we are as Khalsa).  Read the lyrics of Song of the Khalsa and more background on it.

More videos on YouTube

4 Responses to “Songs from the Soul”

  1. Sandeep Singh says:

    Amazing Voice…..More songs please!

  2. JP says:

    She’s amazing, go divia! :)

  3. Seems says:

    Amazing Divia, keep up the good work. I want to hear more of your voice!

  4. sam sidana says:

    Waheguruji bless you all & specially the sikhnet with whose efforts we all sikhs & non-sikhs even visit this sikhnet to find out everything SGGS says.

    Waheguruji k khalsa- waheguruji ki Ftaeh.