Whole Self Recovery

Whole Self Recovery

Here is some great information from my friend Deva Singh about a new wholistic program to assist with substance abuse recovery.

"For over 5 years now I have been working in substance abuse recovery field along with my millions of other activities. It is truly one of the most rewarding fields to work in and I have found that Kundalini Yoga is always the cornerstone of a persons growth, change and development. After doing it a number of years independently, a couple of friends and I realized that there was such a huge national and global need in this area for the technology of Kundalini Yoga, we decided to start up a 40 day relapse recovery program called Whole Self Recovery. It is all based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and I have been working closely with Mukta Kaur the director of Superhealth as well.

The Whole Self program is a holistically based program which utilizes the 40 day herbal Cleanse, a regimented organic vegetarian diet with fresh juices, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, counseling and most importantly Kundalini Yoga. We have been doing it for over a year now with incredible results. Some people have stated that 40 days of this program was like a years worth of time at Bette Ford. The largest foundational piece has been the awakening of the individuals souls. Once that is no longer dormant and asleep, the person is no longer able to live an unconscious life without being aware of the repercussions of their actions. We made the program a minimum of 40 days because we all know that it takes a at least 40 days to break a habit and it has been scientifically proven that is the length of time to legitimately rewire the brain.  It works on cleansing the body of residual toxic buildup, purifying the mind and reprogramming unhealthy thought patterns and awakening the spirit. Here is a quote from one of our participants:

“After months at different treatment centers around the country, I know Whole Self offers the most well-rounded, comprehensive, holistic approach to healing available. Their team of healers is not only highly qualified, but also compassionate and uniquely dedicated to uplifting, energizing and bringing out the best in each individual. For anyone who truly desires and is ready to change their life, Whole Self is unprecedented in its ability to provide powerful tools and support in an incredibly loving and profoundly life-altering program. In my opinion, Whole Self has created the temple for a new paradigm in therapy.” JJ

If you know anyone needing or seeking help in this area, please have them contact me at [email protected]. As it is my life’s mission to heal and strengthen each individual to fulfill their own purpose.

May God bless us all with happiness, abundant health and most especially a deep sense of holy spiritual self.

– Deva Singh Khalsa

6 Responses to “Whole Self Recovery”

  1. Jivan Joti Kaur Khalsa says:

    Incredible!! Congradulations to you and your team at Whole Self. Many blessings in your work of helping millions of people. Jivan Joti Kaur

  2. Infinite blessings and gratitude for your dedication and service, Deva Singh. Millions will be blessed.

  3. Ravinder Singh says:

    Proud of you brother…

  4. Fateh Singh says:

    This is really inspiring! Some of us N.Y.C. Yogis have been discussing ways to bring SuperHealth back, and this breathes new some new energy into the mission to spread the technology and healing to those in need. On top of it, I personally love the logo you designed. Great work, and all blessings… (You will probably get an email from us soon. :)

  5. Sarah says:

    Wow! so amazing thankyou, love- sarah

  6. Tracy says:

    What amazing work you do! I am sure you have, and will continue to be a blessing to those that need healing.