In Los Angeles Area May 1st – 3rd

In Los Angeles Area May 1st – 3rd

Time is flying by! I just realized that next weekend I’ll be in Los Angeles for the SALDEF 2009 Civil Rights Awards Gala and I still have to figure out what to do while I’m there. I was offered a hotel room, but I hate to lose the opportunity to network and hang out with other Sikhs when I travel.

I grew up in West LA around Guru Ram Das Ashram so do know people, but I prefer to branch out and get to know new people. It’s great to get together with other Sikh Youth and to know people personally. Living in the small town of Espanola, New Mexico there is only a small group of Sikhs, so it helps me with the work at SikhNet to "take the Sikh pulse" and branch out.

I fly in Friday afternoon/evening on May 1st and leave in the afternoon on May 3rd. I’m looking for a place to stay at someone’s home and who also has a car who can help me get around (to and from airport & to SALDEF event). The SALDEF event is Saturday evening in Cerritos so I wouldn’t want to be too far out, since Los Angeles area can be pretty BIG!

I don’t really have anything planned otherwise, but thought it would be great to have some fun and get together with other Sikh Youth ("youth "term used very lightly, since I’m 34 years old). Do you know any "movers and shakers"? I love to connect with Sikh youth leaders and people that "get things done" and are interested in the work that SikhNet and others do.

Feel free to contact me if you are in LA and want to get together.

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  1. Hari Purkh Kaur suggested we have a Sikh Youth Meetup on Saturday May 2nd. That might be fun to mix and match and get to know new people :)