English Translation Audio Samples

English Translation Audio Samples

It’s been taking longer than expected to get the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Audio Translation recordings going. We have a few regular people recording and just got three new people who are starting to record.

Hopefully now I can just create a regular schedule for people so that we can steadily record all the Shabads from Siri Guru Granth Sahib. We have about 400 shabads complete and building momentum.

I have wanted to record on a regular basis since it is so nice and like a meditation, but doing so at home has been challenging with my kids and finding quiet time. I might have to just manage the project and leave the recording seva for others.

Adi Shakti Singh who is doing the wonderful audio editing seva, sent me a few complete samples . Have a listen to them. I love them…they sound great. The words really sink in.

SGGS English Translation Audio Samples

Audio Sample 1- Mixed
[Audio:http://www.mrsikhnet.com/mp3/SGGS – English Trans Sample.mp3] Download

Audio Sample 2 – Sat Nirmal Kaur (Length – 53 minutes)
[Audio:http://www.mrsikhnet.com/mp3/SGGS – English Trans Sample2.mp3] Download

Audio Sample 3 – Gurumustuk Singh (Length – 50 minutes)
[Audio:http://www.mrsikhnet.com/mp3/SGGS – English Trans Sample3.mp3] Download

Audio Sample 4 – Guruka Singh (Japji Sahib Translation)
[Audio:http://www.mrsikhnet.com/mp3/SGGS – English Trans Sample4.mp3] Download

UPDATE: June 27, 2019 – The project is complete. Listen to this complete recording here.

22 Responses to “English Translation Audio Samples”

  1. Inder says:


    Felt so relaxed after listening. Felt like voice was reaching deep in heart.

    Thanks a lot!!

  2. M Singh says:


    Your team is really a revolution you know!! thanks for the sewa

  3. Nirvair Kaur says:

    Sat Nam,

    Beautiful! Thank you so much for undertaking this huge project.

    What is the music playing in the background of Sat Nirmal Kaur’s reading? It’s perfect.

  4. Nishaan says:

    Is it fair that if idea is picked up the other person should be quoted ?


    Anyway its good that its being recorded.

  5. Himmat Singh says:


    This is a huge undertaking.

    Your voices are clear and pronunciation is excellent.

    The background sounds add so much to the experience

    Well done and thank you.

  6. Harjot Singh says:


  7. Anon says:

    sounds good! keep up the good work :)

  8. Adi Shakti Khalsa says:

    Nirvair Kaur,

    The Background is audio is one that I put together from several different things — the main component (the Harp) is from a piece called Rain Lament. In that song though there’s a guitar complimenting it as well.

    http://ccmixter.org/files/vo1k1/13519 is where you can find the song that I pulled the harp from.

  9. Kanwar Singh says:

    The reading is great….personally, I find the addition of repetitive music a bit distracting because it keeps pulling my brain away from contemplating what I’m hearing, but maybe that’s just me. Still, I hope you hang on to copies of vocals alone for some later release.

  10. Sumeet says:

    Well its diffcult describing the work by mere words .

    All I can say is thanks for the Good Godly and Gracious sewa.


    Waheguru! This is beautiful Gurumustuk. I’ve been listening to the recording of Sat Nirmal, it is amazing. The experience is forcing me to deeply listen, and as someone who has never understood the gurmukhi all that well, I am listening AND learning.


  12. Gurneet Singh says:

    Beautiful work by beautiful people!

    I tried to hear the first track a couple of times and I felt that the ambiance sound was a bit higher in terms of the volume.

    Can you reduce the volume of the background music by like 20%?

    In my view, this will help us to focus more on the amazing voice recording while listening to the track.

    Thank you

  13. Adi Shakti Khalsa says:

    I'm aware that the Background volume is too high on that track, I've already fixed it in the 2nd edit that also removed the bang in the background as well.

  14. Sat Ganesha Singh says:

    Nice…technology with a real purpose…I am comfortable with combination of reading and music…as it fills out the sound space…and music assists in bringing “me” back when my mind wonders. Voice is also “upfront”.


  15. Harjeet Pannu says:

    You guys are amazing, I wish I could do some kind of pious work like this.

    I listen to the Jap Ji and Rehras in English, since doing so my life has truly changed. Becoming a vegetarian was one of the best things I have ever done.

    Khalsa belongs to God, and God will always be victorious

  16. Charandeep Ubhi says:

    I really enjoyed listening to Gurumustuk Singh… Great meditation and very relaxing. I really want the whole of Guru Granth Sahib Ji translated and recorded, as I find it much easier to understand that way.

    I do however have one query… I have a translation of Guru Granth Sahib Ji in pdf format, but have no idea which part of Guru Granth Sahib Ji either of the recordings is transcribing.

    Could you please add the title of the transcription to the recording as well.

  17. Akal Sahai Singh Khalsa says:

    This is wonderful. Are further tracks available yet?

    Is this the Dr. Sant Singh translation being read?

    Please let me know if I can help with the reading.

    Thank you,
    Akal Sahai Singh

  18. Raman says:

    Are there any further updates on this? Have not seen any new samples being uploaded?

  19. mrsikhnet says:

    Raman, this is one of many side projects. I had to put it on hold because there was too much going on and was not able to handle this project as well as everything else going on at SikhNet. We will resume work, but since this is volunteer work and a time consuming project it will take some time.

  20. Raman says:

    Hi, thanks for your message. It would be great if you could keep posting the files as and when they are done. They are really beautiful and I am eagerly waiting for the project to commence.

  21. Raman says:

    I happened to convert the English Translation of Guru Granth Sahib ji using an application called Mobi Creator. This converted it into a format which I could load in Kindle and this allowed for "Text to Speech". I can now hear the English Translation read out to me. It may not be as good as the samples posted in here, but does help. If anyone needs the converted files, you can contact me on [email protected]