Vaisakhi Gifts for the Kids

Vaisakhi Gifts for the Kids

Ok, normally when we think of gifs for the kids they tend to be some type of toy or electronic device. This time we didn’t hit that norm.

One family in our Sangat has been organizing a fundraiser to pay for improvements to our little Gurdwara playground for the kids. There are so many new kids in our community that having this play area is really great for the kids!

Anyway, a week or so ago after Gurdwara they were doing a raffle for a beautifully framed Gurbani Shabad. The kids were all going around selling tickets for a chance to win. My son (who’s name is the same as the Shabad) really wanted to win, and was disappointed when he didn’t. So as a Vaisakhi gift my wife Arjan Kaur worked out something with Siri Guru Dev Kaur (who makes these amazing framed Shabads) to make two new framed pieces that we could give as gifts to the Kids.

Siri Guru Dev Kaur comes from a family of artists. It seems like everyone in their family creates beautiful artwork! From time to time I have seen all the different framed Hukamnama’s that she has put together for people who wish to remember a hukam that was for some particular day/event. She used to hand write the Gurmukhi, but now with all the new Gurbani fonts she can do this more easily.

 This morning we surprised the kids with gifts. I didn’t expect the same excitement as I might get from them when giving a doll or toy, but they were happy to have these beautiful gifts to celebrate Vaisakhi. They’ll probably appreciate them more when they are older.

For best viewing click on the below pictures to view the full size.Narayan Shabad - Framed

Framed Narayan Shabad written by Guru Arjan Dev ji, for my son Narayan Singh

Narayan Shabad - Framed

Framed prayer in English by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa for Charanjeet. Pinks and reds like Charanjeet likes :) 



Narayan Shabad - Framed

5 Responses to “Vaisakhi Gifts for the Kids”

  1. kiran says:

    Absolutely Beautiful Gifts, a wonderful Idea!!! a true keepsake for many many years… The Guru’s words are truly priceless!
    Happy Vaisakhi!!!

  2. Amrita Kaur says:

    those are just lovely!!! i would cherish something like that

  3. Balprem Kaur says:

    I wonder where I can order something like that online?

  4. Indy Singh says:

    Need to start giving out vaisakhi gifts, its not a tradition yet but we can make it into one. At moment I and my friends have the annual vaisakhi dinner and dance were we all go out and have a meal together at a venue at vaisakhi time. Giving gifts on this auspicious occasion is a great idea.

  5. Sikh Kara says:

    Very nice vashaki gifts