Camp Miri Piri Pre-Reg. 2 Weeks Away!

Camp Miri Piri Pre-Reg. 2 Weeks Away!

Time is flying by and the summer is in sight! Camp Miri Piri pre-registration date is only two weeks away! Don’t let this awesome event/retreat pass you by. If you have been thinking about coming, stop thinking and just make it happen! Give yourself this time to feed your soul and recharge yourself. You deserve it!

Register for the camp online at:  

People from United Kingdom, USA, India and Canada have already registered for Camp Miri Piri. Come join us!

* Registration price goes up from $199 to $250 after May 1st. We need to make arrangements for all the participants so it is important to know how many people will attend. For this reason we need people to register as early as possible.

4 Responses to “Camp Miri Piri Pre-Reg. 2 Weeks Away!”

  1. Ravinder Singh says:

    I’ve just registered. Can’t wait!!!

  2. Gurinder Singh says:

    Same here!

    Where are you coming down from Singhji?

    Camp is going to be greatttt!!!

  3. Pardeep Kaur says:

    Can my 14 year old child attend this workshop? I think it would be more effectinve if he experience the religious feelings now rather then 18. Please reply soon.

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh.

    • Pardeep Kaur, your 14 year old child is welcome to attend as long as you or another adult guardian attends as well and is there to take care of him/her.