Winter or Spring?? Make up Your Mind…

Winter or Spring?? Make up Your Mind…

See more pictures from this morning of "Spring Snow"

The weather these days is so mixed up that it’s hard to know what to expect. This past weekend we had warm summer type weather in the mid 70’s. My kids were splashing in water outside and jumping on the trampoline with only shorts on. It was a very different picture today, only 5 days later.

A few days ago when my mother told me that snow was forecast for yesterday I couldn’t believe it. I thought whatever they forecasted would just pass on by. Apparently not. Last night we got a good 4-6 inches of snow. 

To add to this the electricity went out. I sometimes think we are in India with how much the power has been going out here in Espanola. It’s one of those things that your life is totally different without. You don’t realize how reliant you are on things like electricity, gas, cars, food, water, etc… .until you don’t have them. When the power went out it was like a different world. It made me think about these things, asking myself questions like what if I didn’t have enough food, water…..or even things like fuel/electricity.

Without the basics modern life can be turned up-side down. It’s like breaking your leg or loosing your eyes, you get so used to the things that you have and take them for granted. Then when you loose it, you realize how much it meant to you and how without it your whole life is affected.

With the economy down in many countries lots of people have lost their jobs. I’m sure for many this was quite unexpected! Just imagine that you are settled and have what you need…and then don’t have a job and a way to pay for basic living expenses. That’s got to be really hard! 

 I periodically record little video clips through my cell phone and they get posted on Here are two that I recorded. One from this morning and the other from this past saturday.

March 21st Afternoon – Water Fun (75’+F outside)

March 27th Morning (Today) – Snow (20’+F outside)

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2 Responses to “Winter or Spring?? Make up Your Mind…”

  1. Simran says:

    I love the picture you posted.   Thank you! It made me think about the current affairs in life.  How things are blooming, bright one day but are instantly bound to change like when the storm comes in.   Theses flowers continued to emit their fragrance, beauty, & radiance regardless of the circumstances (severe weather) and will do so till they fall  off or evolve into a fruit.   People like myself on the other hand get to bogged down with the negative news or life events…When it is just an opportunity to evolve on the current plane for better or to fall off the track and make new ones.

  2. kiran says:

    I’ve just recently learned how dependent I am on things as well. My computer has just stopped working and it seems as if all my life depended on it and now I understand how much I took my computer for granted. But it must be extremely difficult for people who don’t have the basic neccessities, I really can’t imagine how my life would be without food, water etc since we rely on them so much. Most of us don’t give a thought to how life would be without basic but vital necessities.