Camp Miri Piri – Spread the Word

Camp Miri Piri – Spread the Word

Camp Miri Piri is only a few months away (June 14-18 ) and I would be grateful for your help in spreading the word about the camp! Even if you are not planning to attend the event we would greatly appreciate your help in letting others know. 

Check out the posters that Gurujot and His brother made for Camp Miri Piri. You can download and print them, email them, and distribute it to get the word out.  Please post a comment here if you are going to do something to help spread the word (so I have an idea how many people are taking action on this). Thank you!

If you are one of the many who have been thinking about "one day" coming for a visit to Espanola, New Mexico, why don’t you just bite the bullet and make it happen! There is no better time then NOW.  The camp is organized by youth volunteers and the registration fees have been kept to bare minimum to cover the costs of running the camp.  We want everyone to have the opportunity for life changing experiences and to "re-charge" themselves.  Right after Camp Miri Piri is the Summer Solstice camp, so if you can stay you can participate in that camp as well (I sure am!).

If you are planning to come to Camp Miri Piri…don’t wait till the last minute to register. There is a limited number of spaces for the camp so register sooner than later :)

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  1. A sikh says:

    I know this is off topic but me and my friend are thinking of going to ecuador on holiday I understand that in the past sikhs have completed a lord of miracles tour in south america which involved ecuador, However I have learned that even though I am an EU citizen as a sikh I would require a visa, is this still the case and did anyone have any issues getting into the country??  The restriction only applies to members of the sikh religion which is why I ask.  Thankyou for your help.