Siri Guru Granth Sahib English Translation Audio Recording

Siri Guru Granth Sahib English Translation Audio Recording

Last night my brother Dharam Singh was over at our house (visiting from Phoenix, Arizona) and we were just chatting and catching up with things. We started talking about the planned new Gurbani Audio Section for SikhNet and he asked about Akhand Path Recordings that I had (Complete reading of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib from start to finish). He mentioned how it would be great to have a similar audio recording of an English translation of the the whole Siri Guru Granth Sahib, so that he could alternate playing the original Gurmukhi audio and the translation. (He has an mp3 player that plays continuous akhand paath audio all the time).

Recently I had someone asking me about making a recording of our local Akhand Path (which is done in a mix of Gurmukhi and English Translation depending on who is reading) but that wouldn’t have worked for just having English Translation recording. As me and Dharam started to talk more we got excited about the idea, since there is no such recording available, and it could be a great inspiration for many English speaking Sikhs who can have this playing in their house and hear the message of the Gurus, that they can understand!

I have a Sukhmani Sahib recording that I love listening to and has background sounds of rain. We could do similar things by adding some subtle background sounds/music so it could be very nice to listen to.

One of the other ideas that I thought would be cool is rather than just having a recording done by a single person to have many people involved (men & women). So it could be a recording done by the Sangat. This would also be nice because one might get tired of hearing the same person’s voice all the time and having lots of different people would make it varied all the time.

Normal Akhand Path in Gurmukhi is about 48 hours long, but an English Translation recording would probably by more like 72 hour. We talked about different ways of breaking up the recordings and maybe having different people doing each of the 31 raags.

The first step is to get together a group of people who have nice speaking voices and who can read clearly and accurately. Then to assign certain page numbers to read and a system for recording. I have a nice portable digital audio recorder that records good quality audio which we can start using. We are going to be dealing with a HUGE amount of audio recordings, so having a system for keeping track of them and making sure the recording quality is good is important.

Then once it is recorded we have to edit all the audio and output in various ways. I figure we’ll have a single file version for continuous play, and also a multi file version probably split up by the reader. Later on of course one could edit the audio down to page page by or other ways.

This is just one more project on top of many so will have to keep it relatively simple so that we can complete it. It will be like a virtual group Sahej Paath! Please do share your thoughts and any ideas that you have about this project.

UPDATE: June 27, 2019 – The project is complete. Listen to this complete recording here.

28 Responses to “Siri Guru Granth Sahib English Translation Audio Recording”

  1. When I read the English in Akhand Paths or for myself, I always get really irked by all the “biblical”and flowery language of the 8-volume set (thee and thou and thy, etc) and always simply “translate” to you and yours. Or are you planning to use another English translation to read from?

  2. Singh says:

    Sat Shri Akaal Veer Ji
    May God bless you and gives you strength and enthuiasm to work on these projects and helping our so powerful GURBANI to be spreaded in this world in the language understood by all, so that every person in this world could realize the true GURU and real GOD, so as to lead a true and honest life.

    My heartiest wishes are always with you

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

  3. Hari Singh says:

    Your Comment…This is a Great idea; a massive project but it will benefit lots of people. Good luck and may Waheguru provide good sailing winds

  4. Siri Pritam Kaur says:

    Your Comment…
    That would be neat! I would love it. I have a translation on my ipod of Sukhmani Sahib and love to listen to it – so much of it feels new & fresh& inspiring. Just Guru speaking to you.

  5. I don’t like the English translations in the current printed volumes either which use all kinds of language that doesn’t make sense and defeats the purpose of understanding the Gurbani. We’ll use Dr. Sant Singh’s translation which is what is used online most for the hukamnama and other sites.


    thats great idea we have to pool all our resources for esy and correct understanding ofGurbani your step is in right direction go for it i too am trying to translate KAtha been done by Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale hopefully i would be able to do it  and results would be made available on


  7. Avneet Kaur says:

    You mentioned something about having a recording of sukhmani sahib in english. Where can I get a hold of this track? 

  8. G. Singh says:

    Thats a Great idea. Count me and my wife in if you are looking for a group of people to perform the audio translations.

  9. Inder says:

    Your Idea is really great. I love the concepts of sounds like waterfall or water in the background.

    If you dont mind, could you please share the Sukhmani Sahib Translation that you have.


  10. My dear beautiful sons, I am so happy to hear of your discussion and I support it with my love and depth.

    Personally, I really like the Manmohan Singh translation because it is a literal translation…and you have the option to adjust the words to your usage and flow. Punjabi is so filled with words and metaphors that do not exist is English and I appreciate the literal with the numbering of the words so I can refer from the Gurmukhi to the English to get a clearer idea of the meaning. I have been reading from this edition for so many decades that I feel very confident of being able to read with comprehension from this edition. So, I offer to take some segments to read for this project. Much love to you you Mataji.

  11. Kaur says:

    I think this is a WONDERFUL idea! Thank you so much!

    I have to agree with some of the above comments. Half the time when I read the English translations I spend approximately the same time understanding as the actual Gurbani. I think it would be much more effective for the youth if the translations were in everyday English because it will be easier for them to understand. The point of a translation is to enable others with an understanding. If the translations are present with the original Gurbani, nothing is changed. Instead, it’s helpful for people to take home the actual message.

    Sorry for any ignorance or if this offends anyone!

  12. taran says:

    SS Akal

    This sounds really good! WOW. Also this work could be later extended have english text in video format for Iphones

    • Another cool idea is to have a version of the audio which is line by line alternating with the Gurmukhi. That way you hear the gurbani line and then the translation after. This will greatly help people to understand the gurbani. This will take a good amount of time so will need help from people to edit the audio. If any of you would like to help with the audio editing please let me know, and how much time you might be able to spend.

      First step will be to get the recordings done and a English translation only version done.

  13. Satyajit Singh says:

    Your Comment… 
    My Comment…
    A very good idea.

    Make sure when doing it do not rush to finish it.
    Enjoy writing every single letter, or pushing every button on the keyboard.   Take time, let this idea unfold on its own pace, enjoy the process.  Listen to all the comments, decide how you are going to do it.  Then tell simply to someone if needed that you are not going to do it that way.  without making right or wrong comments.   

    It will only be successful if it is done with love and care.
    Start only if you have time for it.
    Set aside time for it every day or once a week or whatever and honor that time to do this work, do it without rushing it, or any mental noise.

    I’m sorry if I offended anyone,  I  senced that there was a sense of urgency in your comments that there are lot of other things as well that you have need to be done and this is on top of it more work. 

  14. Adi Shakti Singh Khalsa says:

    GMKS – I should be able to help you out with the Audio Editing.  I have a few ideas on how we could manifest the recording as well.  I really like this idea.  Let me know what I can do to help :)

  15. It’s a really cool idea. My suggestion would be to have a plain recording and then multiple versions with the rain sound or tanpura or something else in the background. I’m willing to help recite, I have a pretty average voice (no accent) and I can speak articulately.

  16. Sat Atma Singh Khalsa says:

    I have read the English translation of doctor Manmohan Singh and Doctor Gopal Singh, however the best for me is of Doctor Singh Sahib Sant Singh Khalsa. God bless us all

  17. Amrita Kaur says:

    great idea… especially beneficial to youth who can’t understand punjabi, let alone gurbani :)

  18. sumeet says:

    Gurmustuk singh ji , could you please share sri sukhmani sahib audio with background sounds of rain and other such audios. one more of which I would like to mention is the “waheguru” chants in sikhphotos screen saver I downloaded .

    Thanks a lot for this gracious website

  19. Sumeet, the Sukhmani Sahib that I was referring to is not an English Translation it is the original gurmukhi. you can download it from here. The other waheguru simran track you are referring to I’ll have to post when I have some time.

  20. Jarnail Singh Gyani Arshi says:

    Although I too find the “biblical copy cat” language of the * vol Manmohan Singh teeka archaic and out of sync with Modern English…his translation is actually far above the standard of the Sant Singh Khalsa version- which lacks substance in many instances. It would be better to look at Manmohan Singh/Prof sahib Singh’s SGGS Darpan/Sant Singh Khalsa and come up with a Balanced Credible work.
    Gyani Jarnail Singh “Arshi” Malaysia.

  21. sumeet says:

    Gurumustuk ji

    Thanks for the link , with grace I found the other track on web .

  22. Manjit Singh says:

    Gurumustuk Singh Ji,

    I think the translation at (by Sant Singh Khalsa) is really good. At times I wish there were a team of Gursikhs who can devote time and translate word for word without adding verbs and their own versions. So what if it doesn’t flow in modern way of speaking Punjabi or English or that the translation of each word becomes too long. I think a dictionary of Gurmukhi words is a necessity of the hour. But at least it will be exactly what Gurus had intended it to be. At times I just wish people would translate each Sanskrit, Persian, Gurmukhi word and let the reader decide how that should flows and what the meaning is. Since more and more of the older generation of Sikhs that know many of the Punjabi traditions, cutural and faith are passing away, it will harder and harder as time goes by to get the real meaning of words, traditions. For example: In Kirtan Sohila, Guru Nanak Sahib talk about annoiting with oil “mil kar pavoh tel” , which is a Punjabi tradition, but the translation doesn’t really mention the tradition. Same with “Chey ghar chey gur chey updes” in the same bani, the translation doesn’t mention any meaning or tradition that goes with these.

    Here is an idea:

    How about some Sikh techies (May be the high tech team at Sikhnet!) , fetch each word that is in Guru Granth Sahib file and post it out in the open on a web page for a dictionary meaning and let people add translations to the word. Ultimately, that becomes a Gigantic Gurmukhi dictionary. Kind of like “Sikhi-Wiki” but without edits. To minimize repitions or amount of data, no repeat translations and limit the explanation of the Gurbani word to 50 words or something. Also, edits can be done only by the person translating or a team on the web. And, please make this a challenge and exciting project for people to get involved. I know I am almost sounding like you will do this. At least I am trying.

  23. Harjinder says:

    Its 4am and im trying to write my dissertation and ive found myself on this site somehow and ill tell you how.
    When im typing on my laptop i like to have the television on in the background just as a low noise and after a while i decided to change the channel. Flicking through the channels i happened to flick past one of these islamic channels on sky which recite the quran in arabic and have english subs at the bottom and i thought to myself it would be brilliant to have something similar for sikhs instead of all those rubbish bhangra channels, (which i think in the majority is a bad reflection on punjabis in general and teaches kids nothing worth knowing apart from basic punjabi). Is funding a reason for not having this? my punjabi is not brilliant and i can just about hold a conversation (which im not proud about) but im confident with practice i will improve.
    so i decided to google “guru granth sahib in english” so i could listen to somethin while i study, and i must admit the project seems fantastic, when i remembered a friend of mine had a cd which recited verse of gurbani, then a verse of english translation straight after. if anyone is interested or if this helps in the project in any way let me know, i will try and upload it somewhere!
    Middle of the road “sikhs” (myself included) do not know enough about their own religion. i would love to do something to help change that.

  24. kiranjot ghai says:

    i heard the sggs translation .its beautiful.someone mentioned she has english translation of sukhmani sahib .please share this file with us.

  25. Dhyan Singh says:

    I would like to share a couple of spiritual poems that I composed recently ———


    He is in the womb of the Earth
    that nurtures millions of unseen living beings
    He is in the vast sky that showers rain
    to quench the thirst of plants, animals and human beings

    He is in the silence of the deep dark night
    and in the thunder and lightning of a mighty storm
    He is in the birth of a new born child
    and in the death that transforms a body into a corpse

    He is in the tears and suffering of millions of men and women
    in the world
    and in the laughter of joyful beings
    He is in the chirping of a beautiful bird
    and in the dancing of leaves swaying rhythmically in
    the breeze

    He is in the peace and tranquility of a quiet lake
    and in the mighty ocean waves rushing forth ceaselessly
    towards the waiting shore
    He is in the fiery rays of the burning sun
    and in the cool soothing light of the luminous moon

    He is in the melody of devotional music and chanting
    and in the deep peace of silent meditation
    He is limitless, boundless, formless, nameless
    not belonging to any country, race or religion
    beyond human thought and intellect
    for the vast mysterious universe
    is without beginning and without end


    In silence was this universe born
    and in silence the sun gives birth to a new dawn
    In silence the moon slowly appears in the dark sky
    and in silence the mind drifts to memories of days gone by

    In silence is a child conceived in a mother’s womb
    and in silence death strikes terror and doom
    In silence thousands of thoughts create turmoil in our minds
    and in silence in the depths of our heart intense emotions bind

    In silence the soul changes bodies
    in our journey to the next incarnation
    In silence our past karma pursues us to our new form
    and body manifestation
    And it is only in the depths of silence that we can experience
    peace and liberation

    Dhyan Singh

  26. paturat singh says:

    prabh eh manorath mera

  27. Harpreet says:


    Is there any updates to this link. I will be very interested to provide any type of help if needed.

    Harpreet Singh