Sikhs With a Mission

Sikhs With a Mission

I just saw a video clip about the Dasmesh Sikh Band in Malaysia, and it reminded me of my visit to Malaysia many years back. It was really cool seeing how the Sikhs of Malaysia have established themselves and how they are full on MALAYSIAN. Most Sikhs that I meet in western countries are still very "Punjabi"…even though they have lived in another country for many years.

Here is a video about the Sri Dasmesh Sikh Band which is a unique band which uses many types of drums and bagpipes. Pretty cool :)

You  can watch the video on the "Sikhs With A Mission" website which was just launched. Good job Khalsa jis!

9 Responses to “Sikhs With a Mission”

  1. Amrita Kaur says:

    its really nice to see that! my parents are malaysian sikhs :)

  2. Gurkirpal says:

    Nice post.
    Even though I was born and raised in the states. I still feel very punjabi. I love being a punjabi……… ..

  3. Jagpawan Singh says:

    Gurfateh virji…
    btw, Im waitting ur visits to may country, Indonesia….

  4. Jagpawan Singh, I have been to Bali, Indonesia once and loved it! Such a beautiful place and love the people. I didn’t meet any Sikhs though.

  5. Jagpawan Singh says:

    yeah virji, u correct, wad i know is, there’s no Sikhs there, why dont u come to Jakarta, we got 4 Gurdwaras here n Medan, its in other island, there gt 7 Gurdwaras..hehe

  6. Satnam singh says:

    Satnam,waheguru,waheguru,waheguru istu uper kuch bhi nahi hai satnam sri waheguru

  7. jasdev singh says:

    “waheguru ji ka khalsa” ” waheguru ji fathey”…to all viewers of really thanks to this site coz this is the better way to create awareness in other community…abt sikhs..coz mostly western countries thing that we r muslims…
    please sent the relative videos….OK then  bye…

  8. Balbir Singh says:

    Its nice to see Sikhs growing in the world. Lets spread our values around the globle and make this world a better place to live.