Sikh Yourself

Here is a video collage that Manveer Singh (UK) put together for a Sikh Society discussion group. It is a mix of a few different videos that I have posted in the past about western Sikhs and people from other countries becoming Sikhs. Manveer Singh throws in some inspirational words to encourage each of us to PRACTICE and EXPERIENCE this beautiful Sikh Lifestyle.

Who is coming to Camp Miri Piri this summer or Summer Solstice Camp??? Do you want to just continue coasting along in life, or do you want to give yourself a jumpstart?  If you want change and a jumpstart then come join us here in Espanola, NM in June. Your in for a real treat and an life changing experience if you do come!

One Response to “Sikh Yourself”

  1. Is it possible to know the number of countries in the world that have 'western Sikhs?