Sikh Legacy of Punjab – Art Showcase at Santa Barbara Museum

In front of Museum

This past weekend I was in Santa Barbara, California and participated in the opening of the new Sikh Art Exhibit (Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History). This is a portion of the exhibit that was previously at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC. Hopefully this exposure in California will be another means to educate the local visitors about who the Sikhs are.

Aside from the beautiful art, it was great to be near the ocean. The New Mexico climate is more dry and so when I go near the ocean it is quite a different feeling! The air was so full of moisture from the sea breeze. It was quite refreshing. One of the mornings we walked along the beach soaking up the fresh air and salty sea water. I Love New Mexico, but I do miss the ocean.

It seems that lately I haven’t been taking that many pictures, and the few pics that I do take are with my iPhone. It’s quite a different experience taking pictures with a mobile phone as compared to a professional digital camera. It’s like a whole different medium. Anyways, you can see a  few of the pictures from the past week or so on my flickr account.

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