New Music from Snatam Kaur

I am starting to go through some of the saved recordings from Gurdwara over the past many months and will try to post them in the coming days/weeks. 

A week or so ago Snatam Kaur was back in action singing in Gurdwara with her little beautiful baby girl. She played Kirtan for about an hour in Gurdwara while a friend held her baby near her up on stage. I was thinking that maybe having a baby would slow her down, but it doesn’t appear to be the case. If you have seen her event calendar you’ll notice that she going to be traveling quite a bit this year! 

Below are two new audio tracks that I haven’t heard before, so I think these are live sneak peaks at some of the compositions that she is working on for her new CD which should be out this summer. She also played "Dhan Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji" but I already posted a version of this a few months ago.

 Puta Mata Ki Asis (English/Spanish Translation)
[Audio:] Download

Charan Sat Sat Parshan Har
[Audio:] Download

4 Responses to “New Music from Snatam Kaur”

  1. I have listened to many Shabads sung by her which includes Kirtan Sohila Sahib too. There’s no other word to express my feelings. – Marvellous. She has got one of the sweetest voice that I have ever heard. 

  2. man4urheart says:

    We are fan of her. She has that magical voice which can calm any soul….

  3. dimpu mangat says:

    dear khalsa ji, thank u for providing us valuable information . appreciate your hard work. waheguru bless u all . loved snatam kaur’s new cd. thank u.

  4. kawaljeet Singh says:

    Guru Fateh, i have listened many shabad of Respected snatam kaur khalsa and all are best. its my earnest desire to meet Snatam kaur ji and play Dilruba with her. i am from India.