Random Considerations

by ek ong kaar kaur khalsa – ekongkaar.blogspot.com

Lately, I have been experiencing a bout of Blogger’s guilt.

Years ago, if you wrote an article for a magazine, you had months of lead time to do something thorough, to do something well – time to think, time to be creative, time to revise. Over the years, though God knows I have been blessed with a lovely talent for writing (Thank you, Creator of mine), I also have a bit of a laissez-faire attitude. One can maybe call it – being talented without being terribly ambitious. I write when the Spirit moves me, whenever that is, whatever topic comes up, and it’s enough.

A couple weeks ago, though, while cruising through my blog, I was shocked to see that I hadn’t written an interesting or proper essay since September of 2008. Five months ago. And I thought to myself– oh my goodness – do they kick you off the blog-o-sphere if you go that long without posting something? So here I am tonight, sitting on my couch with a mild relapse of the flu (this is the second time in a month that I’ve gotten it), awake because I took a four hour nap this afternoon, wondering, “What topic can I write about?”

There are a couple of essays in my mind – one about the linguistic map of Gurbani and one about the journey from Om to Ek Ong Kaar. But I’m a little too feverish to focus that much right now.

Instead, I’d rather to connect with all of you who like to read what I write. And share a few random thoughts with you.

Be good to yourself. Who you are is all you have in the end – your sense of your own identity, your sense of your own journey through life. There are a lot of pressures and Sirens (in the Greek mythological sense) that pull us one way or the other. Don’t let those pressures take you away from YOU. Keep your power. Know who you are and why you are. Whenever you make a decision, make it based on the values that you have, the character that you choose to cultivate. Never make a decision based on what someone promises will happen in the end. Promises never work out the way you imagine them, and regrets are all you will find if you walk down that road. In this moment, have the confidence of knowing that your soul is on its own unique journey through time and space – a journey that no else can take for you. Listen to your soul. Trust it. Respect it. Love it. Let It guide you wherever It will. And don’t expect to be compensated for doing it. The compensation is the joy you feel in this moment that you are free and you have the strength to act in alignment with your Spirit. The future is unknown and will present its own challenges. So let every moment fulfill itself. Being who you are with every breath is its own best reward.

Love each other. There’s so much craziness right now with money and the economy. We’ve forgotten that we don’t survive because of money. We survive because we love each other and take care of each other. If all of the banks were to fail, if all of the businesses were to collapse, if everything we knew were to end, as long as we had each other and we could face the challenge together, we would be fine. Living or dying doesn’t matter. Enjoying and loving and laughing and embracing each other, we can go through anything. It’s the way we love that counts in the end.

Remember it’s all a game. The Guru says it all the time – there is One Divine Light playing all of the parts in the play. Try not to take it too seriously. It’s not that serious. We’re in God’s movie. Play your part, enjoy the theater, and remember this is not your true home. This is not your final destination. This is just a temporary station along the way. Be God’s guest on the earth for a while. Be a good, kind, gracious and considerate guest. And when it’s time to go, go with a smile, go with a song, and go with the victory that no one could ever defeat you because you made a choice to take this precious gift of the human life and live it from the inside out.

So those are my random, whimsical, slightly fever-ridden thoughts for today. Be good to yourself. Love each other. Remember it’s all a game. You are the bright, blissful, beautiful manifestation of Divine Energy on the earth. Live it. Be it. Enjoy it completely! And don’t let anyone or anything, any event or any tragedy, keep you from remembering it.

And for the record – this message is not channeled. :) It’s me within myself telling how it is. Because the Guru has blessed me to appreciate and enjoy my own Inner Light – and that Inner Light is really clear about where things “are at.” YOUR Inner Light is equally as clear. Look to yourself and be happy.

May the Light of God that lives in your own heart make Itself known to your own mind so that you may be strong in your values and virtues and stay committed to the best and highest most beautiful Self that you are.

With Divine Love, Divine Light and many blessings.

Yours humbly,

Ek Ong Kaar Kaur

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