New Gurdwara Lectures/Katha

I used to post audio lectures by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa on MrSikhNet ever few weeks but haven’t had the time to do so in many, many months. Many people have emailed asking me to post downloads of lectures they heard played while watching the live broadcast of the Sunday Gurdwara here in Espanola. These recordings from many Gurdwaras have piled up and needed a good chunk of time to sort through to edit. With Harijot Singh’s help I was able to get this done (Gurujot’s brother who has been working at SikhNet part time helping with the Sikh Audio Stories Section of SikhNet). 

I just uploaded 27 new audio lectures which you can download and listen to at your leisure. You can listen to them without downloading by going to the Audio/Video Archive

In the audio player select "Educational" then "Siri Singh Sahib" and then browse down to pick one to listen to. 

Alternately you can view this download page which is ordered with the newest audios at the top.

Next I’ll be posting some of the Gurbani kirtan that has been backed up as well.

3 Responses to “New Gurdwara Lectures/Katha”

  1. Oh wow, beautiful timing, I was waiting for some inspiration. Ji where is the main database of these lectures? Are they on tapes and then someone each week plays a tape at Sunday Gurdwara? Is there any project to digitise all of these on mass in one go?

  2. Every Sunday an audio (tape) recording is played from previous years at Gurdwara and I record it in the SikhNet office while it plays. I’m not aware of any particular project to digitize these lectures yet.

  3. I just had a quick look, and the KRI institute seem to be doing just this – digitising all the audio, video and pictures of Yogi Bhajan! But they need $2.5 million to complete their work ( Get involved people…