India to launch cow urine as soft drink

cow '9504' after she was milked on a farm in Stellenbosch

Welcome to your new vending machine…

Ok, when I heard this headline in the news from Guruka Singh I was sure it was some type of bogus joke story. But apparently this is the real thing. It is so bizarre the I couldn’t help but post it for you all to read. I’ve heard of Urine Therapy and drinking your own urine, but never heard of ingesting an animals urine, let alone making it a commercial "drink"! Anways…. whether people benefit from this or not at least the article will bring some good laughs and smiles.

 "Does your Pepsi lack pep? Is your Coke not the real thing? India’s Hindu nationalist movement apparently has the answer: a new soft drink made from cow urine."  Read the news article

6 Responses to “India to launch cow urine as soft drink”

  1. Dharam Kaur says:

    Your Comment…
    An  anagram of the headline:

    India to launch cow urine as soft drink
    I found sardar kin continue with colas!

  2. lovepreet says:

    Gatos! That IS weird! But I do doubt that it’s a “commercial drink.” :) Cheers, then! I haven’t seen it in India lately…that would be quite weird!

  3. harjit singh says:

    yeah thats true biggest ashram to process cow urine is in haridwar. moreover cow urine is dried by distillation proces and sold to baba ramdev who puts dried urine in as ingredients in his ayurvedic medicines. a malpractice within has started to mix urine of buufaloes and bulls. in india people use to drink it though filling bottles have now started.

  4. sushminder singh says:

    it is the work of many hindu fake gurus…………..heheheheheheheh cowpissssssdrinkerssssss

  5. Pardeep says:

    ew this is just gross, and Hindu nationalist groups have just gone to far. If they really care about the cows, then why don't they start taking better care of them instead of allowing them to roam around the streets of India and eat litter? This is something that always "pisses" me off, especially my cousins in Punjab, that Hindus (no offense, but not all Hindus, but some) want to keep cows because they think god is in them but they don't even properly take care of them. Just having a cow around is not going to bring you blessings and good luck, and for the Hindus of India, please ONLY use cows for milk, do not drink their urine, sometimes you simply have to accept the fact that some traditions are simply bad, no matter how much a religion or religious leader tries to justify it as being better for society. During Guru Nanak's time, he had to deal with some pretty weird and unjust traditions, who could have imagined that during our time, people in India will drink cow piss as soft drinks?

  6. Jaskeerat Singh says:

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww! Why would u drink cow piss?