The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

By Guruka Singh Khalsa and Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa

The Aquarian Age isn’t just something that we started singing about in the sixties!  It’s an actual measurable time period.  It is an astrological age, i.e., a time period that parallels major changes in the development of the human race.  Each astrological age roughly corresponds to the time taken for the vernal equinox to move through one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac.

So, how does the Aquarian Age fit into this?  It takes a little over 2,100 years for our Solar System to travel through each of the Signs or constellations.

So far, humanity has recorded events in the astrological Age of Taurus, which was the time of Adam; followed by the Age of Aries, when Abraham came into the picture.  Just about the time the Roman Empire rose to power, our Sun entered the constellation of Pisces.  It was in this Piscean Age that Jesus was born.

 The Age of Aquarius is foretold in Jesus’ words in the Aquarian Gospel, ¹ “And then the man who bears the pitcher will walk forth across an arc of heaven; the sign and signet of the Son of Man will stand forth in the eastern sky.  The wise will then lift up their heads and know that the redemption of the Earth is near.”

When Yogi Bhajan came to the West, the Aquarian Age was already dawning.  A new consciousness was being born on Earth.  We are now in the 21-year Cusp period (1991-2012), which is divided into three 7-year increments and leads up to the actual arrival of the Aquarian Age in 2012.

Yogi Bhajan explained back in November of 1991 that this period of transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age would bring increasingly greater turmoil and upheaval to the planet. All around us we can see the Piscean walls of misunderstanding and fear starting to crumble under the sheer weight of higher consciousness that is manifesting on this planet.  The old Piscean Age was dominated by machines and hierarchies.  The new Aquarian Age is ruled by awareness, information, and energy. Yogi Bhajan told us, “What worked before, won’t work now.” And, “Nothing can remain hidden.” We are now seeing that manifested every day.  People are waking up.  For some this brings fear, and for some, joy.  As the Aquarian Age comes closer, the contrast between those who live in fear and those who live In love becomes more obvious every day, for the two states are mutually exclusive.  As I write this, we are now less than 1000 days away from the true beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

For over 35 years Yogi Bhajan gave his life and energy to train teachers of Kundalini Yoga to share tools for the healing, inspiration, and personal awareness urgently needed by humanity in this critical time and space.

We do not need new choices.  We are flooded with choices.  We need an elevated capacity to make choices.  We do not need more information. We need the wisdom to use all the information.  We do not need another religion.  We need the experience of a Dharma that creates the spiritual fitness to act believably on our beliefs.  The Shabd Guru is a special kind of technology with a unique contribution to develop potentials and handle the problems of the new Age – the Aquarian Age.  In the body it produces vitality; in the complex of the mind it awakens intelligence and develops wisdom and intuition; in the heart it establishes compassion; in each person’s consciousness it builds the clarity to act with fearless integrity.  The Aquarian Age demands personal experience and the capacity to act.  The Shabd Guru is available to all.  You need not search.  You need to practice, experience, incorporate, and express.

This article was excerpted from the soon-to-be-published book on Sikh Dharma by Shakti Parwha Kaur and Guruka Singh.  The current working title is Heroes, Saints, Yogis, and People Like You and Me – Personal Adventures in Consciousness.  Look for it later this year at

¹ The Aquarian Gospel Of Jesus The Christ, by Levi H. Dowling

5 Responses to “The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”

  1. M Singh says:

    Beautiful! We are blessed to be in this timeframe where we will experience the transition into the Aquarius age! God bless everyone and lets get ready……

  2. Kiran says:

    Does this age have anything to do with what I’ve heard from many people about the ‘end of the world’, which is supposedly supposed to occur in 2012, based on teh Bible?  In Sikhi, or in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, does is speak about this?
    Thank you!

  3. Tahra Singh says:

    Truly a Blessing to experience the Quantum Physics of the Mul  Mantra and the Naad.. ….Keeping my Kesh  tied  at the tenth gate means more to me now than  I would have ever dreamed  30 years ago.   Blessings to the Sangha for keeping up and give thanks for the Light of the 10 Gurus for being such Pure Channels for the Akal Purakh.

  4. Morry says:

    Your Comment…I asked god once if all these things in history and the future are predetermined  by the Sun, whats the point of trying to do anything?  He said,” I gave you free will so you won’t be my slaves, and you can make your own choices.”  I then asked him if the earth was going to end in a war? He then made me laugh when he showed me this earth is his creation and that it would be impossible for him to let his own creation be destroyed.  I guess this is why he sends prophets down. People sometimes discredit a prophet when his last dark prediction doesn’t happen.  Maybe the prophet was sent here to let us know of what will happen if we don’t change our course of behavior. This way god doesn’t decide our future, but gives us a chance to adjust it, through our Free Will!

  5. DENISE says:

    I am very much a humanitarian Aquarian. I believe what the bible sais we were put on earth for peace and harmony. We have headed to far away from the truth that was ours in the
    beginning. We were meant to live like little house on the prairie and to love thy neighbhour. We may need armageddon just like in noahs day because we have gone too far again and need to restore balance. We are taking technology to far. All we need is love, food in our belly and a roof over our heads. It takes a sunami or flood to make people reaslize that.