Snowdeep Singh Thanda

Snowman Singh 

I’ve been hearing about all the snow that people have gotten in the UK. Unfortunately Espanola, New Mexico hasn’t been graced with any of the "white prashad" for a while.  It looks like the cold white snow inspired some young Sikhs in England to get creative and make "Snowdeep Singh Thanda".

Most of the snow "creatures" I have attempted didn’t have the right snow consistency so didn’t take proper shape. The recent snows here have been really fluffy and not sticky enough. It melts before it get’s to the right "stage" making it impossible for the above creative expression in the picture. I love it! 

Thanks to Pardeep Singh Nagra for sending the picture

4 Responses to “Snowdeep Singh Thanda”

  1. sanmeet singh Anand says:

    i am realy happy to see the above picture. it feel good that u have people in U.K who are proud to be called  sikh keep it up

  2. Parvinder says:

    Pretty Amazing, very well done !!!

  3. Resham says:

    My cousins and I thought this would be fun to do so we created a snow man with an African style turban in the drive way. The hardest part was probably the lar on the side of the dastar. I’m glad people have enjoyed the pictures.

  4. Tanvi says:

    Aha that was made in Brampton not on the uk:S