Poetry Inspired by Guru Gobind Singh ji

In the Summer of 2007 I wrote about my experience of Taking Amrit.  Anyone who has taken Amrit (Sikh Baptism) knows how this experience can change you and how you relate to the Guru. On the day that I took Amrit another daughter of Guru Gobind Singh was born (Amritpal Kaur)! I know for many of you seeing a Sikh who is not of Punjabi origin is unusual, but for me having Sikhs from African American origins is a lot more unusual. 

Here is a beautiful video that Amritpal Kaur recorded and posted to facebook yesterday. She shares some of her poetry inspired by Guru Gobind Singh and her experience on this spiritual path. You definitely feel her "African American Sister Soul". I love how each cultural background brings a unique "flava"  (Aka: Flavour :)

Amritpal? Ready for round 8 playing on Guitar Hero – Singing "Eye of the Tiger"? Here is a short video clip (from my iPhone) of Narayan on drums, Gurujot on Guitar and Amritpal on vocals. She didn’t have her glasses so couldn’t see the lyrics well on her first round. 

4 Responses to “Poetry Inspired by Guru Gobind Singh ji”

  1. Simran says:

    Sista Amritpal Kaur!
    Vahiguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vahiguru Ji Ki Fateh!  That was tight! Thank you for sharing. I will add you on facebook.  Thank you Gurumustuk Veerjee!

  2. Gobinde says:

    I love how her name – Amritpal – reflects the poem. Guru Gobind Singh’s Amrit is protecting her. 

    God bless you, Amritpal Kaur Khalsa, thank you for sharing.

  3. Varinder Singh says:

    Inspirational, your words are so strong and powerful. Please continue to write, we need more of this creativity in the panth.

  4. Singh says:

    Very powerful stuff. I can see her soul, and her real beauty. Please keep posting sister ji. Thanks a million.