Camp Miri Piri Registration Open

Additional information for Camp Miri Piri has just been posted and Registration is open for this unique event being held this summer (June 14th – 18th) in Espanola, New Mexico.

The details of the schedule, teachers and event activities are still being worked out, but I am excited  about it (and hope you are too!)

Please do spread the word! This is not going to be your every day Sikh retreat/camp. Don’t expect boring technical lectures on Sikhi that you might fall asleep to. Expect to have a unique experience of connecting with your soul and with the other participants of the event.

This is an event everyone on all stages of their path on Sikhi. So whether you are just learning about Sikhi or are an active practicing Sikh you’ll benefit from this experience.

It’s camp is oriented towards Youth 18-35, though anyone is welcome above this age. Younger participants who are interested would need to contact the camp beforehand to discuss.

Registration and Initial Camp Details at:

5 Responses to “Camp Miri Piri Registration Open”

  1. Name says:

    Can you please organise an event like this in india.  please, please, pleaseeeeeeee. i really want to attend such events but my budget doesn’t allow me.  May waheguruji bless you with lots of happiness!

  2. pritam.psingh says:

    Your Comment…I want u to organize such events in india becoz  today evrebody is going for yoga an every youth is health concious an with yoga with our sikhi teachings would be a great pleasure

  3. inderjit singh arora says:

    i am proud myself bes i am sikh i want to teach all our the world sikhism

  4. Jagjeet says:

    Can i still register, ive just booked my tickets to nm, i just need to register now.

    • Yes…you can still register. You can even just show up, though we prefer that you register in advance so that we can assist with accommodations and this has to be planned in advance.