Siri Chand Singh in the News

Prabhu Singh forwarded me a link to a cool youtube video that I had not seen of a Omni News TV interview with my friend Siri Chand Singh Khalsa (Espanola wale).

6 Responses to “Siri Chand Singh in the News”

  1. HSingh says:

    Oh wow! Did i hear correctly, Siri Chand is getting married!!!

    WOOHOO!! Congratulations!!!

  2. Leah says:

    Ok, now I didn’t understand the language, but did that show just do what I think it did?

    Like put up an image of hip hop as the so called emblematic image of African Americans, posit that all hip hop is vulgar, and then say look at this weird good guy over here!?

    What does Ice Cube have to do with Siri Chand ji?

    Ah, outside views.

  3. Jen says:

    Wow!! Totally awesome clip, I love it!!
    Like Leah, I really didnt understand the whole rap thing in the beginning.
    And Sri Chand is getting married?  Congratttss!!

  4. Simran says:

    I love the video.   My goal is to clarify what was presented.  The video showed that Indian/Punjabi kids are often portrayed in local media as following western life-style including clothing imitating hip-hop, rap, etc. 

    It is rare to see a Sikh from a African American heritage in the world.  They found themselves drawn to this unique man who can read & understand punjabi, is an amritdhari (committed) Sikh.  They discussed how he came about becoming a Sikh, his past, life-style and the message of Universal Good that he learned from Guru Nanak.

    If I understand it correctly Sri Chand is interested in marrying a girl who has a similar life-style being an Amritdhari.  They didn’t say that he has found a girl or he is getting married.  I feel he will definitely get some help in looking (Hint for : fellow Sikh Brothers & Sisters and of course Uncle jis, Aunty jis, Bhabhis…)

  5. Amrita Kaur says:

    To Leah: What they said was today many Punjabis try to imitate common hip hop culture and stereotypes, and most icons are black.. I do not know how old you are, but because I am a teenager I can tell you that it is true that most young Punjabi guys do act what is stereotypically “black” in a modern day society…It was showing how it is “ironic” ( i do not know if this is the correct word to use) how someone who is black embraces Sikhism, and you later on discover that Sri Chand was born into the Sikh faith…

    THAT VID WAS SO COOL! i just sent it to my friends.. and Congrats on getting married Sri Chand :)

  6. lee says:

    to LEAH- ice cube made “next friday”.  Unfortunatly they show a sikh man being ridculed as an arab and a muslim.  as shown here

     this is unacceptable.

    sikhs belive all humans are equal regardless of religion race and gender. these are the basic vallues shared by all religious and non religious sikhs.
    – these beliefs are manesfested by the wearing of the turban- the symbol of the sikhs.

    sikhs respect all religions and understand their followers, these values are openly stated during “nagar kirtans” or religious parades normally held in 14 april.
    in the “civilised educated” west who would want to attack a sikh, and by doing so that person is attacking freedom and universal values of sikhs.
    hence the reason why sikhs are very disturbed when people proflie them as muslims on arabs.

    sikhism = truth justice freedom equality