Sikh Classifieds

Most of you have probably posted a classified ad in your lifetime to sell something, find some service or sell something. Well, lately I have received more and requests from people to have a place to post misc. messages about jobs, events, things people want to sell, etc. We haven’t really had a place for this type of thing on SikhNet. 

 So, with this need in mind we are setting up and testing a new free Sikh Classified Ad Service that the Sikh Community can use to post various things. (keep in that this is not a directory of website links, but a list of listings posted by people that will stay on the site for up to 60 days)

 In order to make this successfull I need your help. There are so many types of categories that we could setup, and I need your help to think of some, so that we can organize them into a logical structure that benefits everyone.

Here are some starting category ideas that one friend sent me. Please take 10-20 minutes and help us think of needed categories for things that would specifically serve the Sikh community. (you can check out craig’s list – for ideas to get you going)

Young People
Youth camps
Exchange Programs
Music Classes
Bhangra Classes
Punjabi Classes
English as Second Language Classes
Gurmukhi Classes
Yoga/Fitness Classes
Cooking Classes

Legal Services

For Sale
Senior Care
Bed n Breakfast

4 Responses to “Sikh Classifieds”

  1. Harjit Singh says:

    Musical Instruments! :)

  2. Gurdev Kaur says:

    Sikh Clothing or Apparel (sp?)

    Sikh influenced jewellery

    (I find these things hard to track down would be really helpful!!)

    Under education Gatka Classes

    Events – subcatergories europe, asia america etc.
    Rehansabhais, Gatka Events, Amrit Sanchars etc.
    Local Sikh businesses – subcatergories europe asia america etc.
    A place where Sikh business could list their services, but not like liquor stores ran by sikhs hehe!! I mean like vegetarian restraunts, security companies, that kinda thing.
    Recruitment – subcatergories by region again
    I think this is an important one as it is quite difficult for Amritdharhi Singhs especially to get work with open beard and bana. 

    hope thats of some help!!

  3. BramptonSikh says:

    Financial Services

  4. Babu Parmar says:

    have a sikh version of ebay, amazon,, list of different types of law categories and try to make the site bilingual with english and punjabi.