Quote of the Day – Mantra

The whole world may give you support….but you if your own mind does not support you, you will not be in a position to do anything in life. Your own mind cannot be controlled and guided and give you the support until it is brought to a discipline. That word which brings a mind to a discipline to support you is called "Mantra". Man-Tra…to bring discipline to the mind. That is why we do Japa (Repitition of Mantra/Bani). Japa creates the heat. That is called Tapa; Tapa, that heat burns the karma. Out of the karma grows the kindness and it becomes Dharma. Out of that it grows the compassion. That is called "Sidhi", that is called "power". From that comes the word "Sadhu" who has controlled himself through the all aspect of life and that is what we call "sadhana". Which you do not normally want to go. How many of you are doing regular sadhana?"  – SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa  (June 25 1987 Summer solstice)

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