Vacation Coming to an End

Evening Sunsets

Wow 2009 is here! Another year has blazed by. In the blink of an eye one’s life passes. It’s a reminder to not waste time and to spend time on those things that are truly important to one’s self.

It has been REALLY nice having a vacation from work. As much as I do love my work at SikhNet, it’s great to have "offline" time to have some fun and relaxation with the family. This way I come back fresh and ready for another year.

Winter Solstice Camp was lots of fun and as always a great time to go within and re-charge my spiritual batteries. It was a different experience this time being totally off my tech gadgets and not even really taking pictures.

 After going my time in Sunny Warm Florida me and Narayan flew back down to Espanola to meet up with Arjan and Charanjeet. We then drove in a blizzard of snow to get up to Crested Butte, Colorado for ski fun with some of Arjan’s family. This was great! Narayan was skiing very well and was having so much fun going on the jumps. Every time we went down a ski hill he would search out any bumps on the side to get some air.

After 5 days of cold skiing fun in Colorado we drove back down to New Mexico on New Years Eve. It seems that at one certain point on this drive home every year we always seem to work on our Goals for the year. Me and Arjan talked about what we wanted to accomplish and changes that we wanted to make on ourselves in the coming year.

It seems like so much is going on recently. My mother had her Birthday…..the new year has rolled in, Guruka Singh just had his 63 birthday, Today I celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary, we are doing all kinds of projects around the house, It’s great!  I love the computers….but I have to say it’s been nice being away from it and having some good quality time relaxing with the family. The kids are growing and changing so fast and it’s been great watching their every change. Life passes by so fast that we have to value every moment. I’m doing my best to enjoy these precious times with my children.

I’ve been on vacation since the 18th of December and the end is near. My email inbox is out of control since. It will likely take me a  while to catch up on things. I’m looking forward to getting back to work and seeing what new and exciting things will come through SikhNet this next year.

Here is a short video of the few pictures and video clips that I took during my vacation.

2 Responses to “Vacation Coming to an End”

  1. Canuck Singh says:

    We all need a vacation, in fact that is how we should live our lives. Unattached to all things.

  2. Sikh Kara says:

    we all need vocationssssssss