Meditation with the kids

2009 plan to get the kids meditating. Started yesterday with daily morning sadhana of 11 repitition of the Mul mantra, then a 3 min meditation and then taking a hukam (reading the english translation). 11 minutes a day total for more calm and spiritual kids!

It’s really nice seeing both the kids with their eyes closed chanting together. We are doing this together as a family which is great and Charanjeet watches all of us and copies us.

2 Responses to “Meditation with the kids”

  1. Jai Dev Singh says:

    Great idea ji. We’ll have to start using the same concept at our home.

  2. HSingh says:

    I too have started meditation, however i have to apply neck lock and another lock. There are 3 lock i have to apply while doing it. Would it be possible if someone could please explain how to do a neck lock? Please? I’m gessing it’s probaly really easy like tucking your neck in, but im not sure.

    Satnam HSingh