Well, I am here at the winter solstice camp site in lake wales, Florida! I Got a good night sleep. This morning enjoyed the thick fog everywhere. Narayan is already off with other kids having fun and adventuring.

I thought I would be able to post updates during the week but it turns out that t-mobile has lousy service here. I left my laptop and camera at home, thinking I would at least be able to check on things and post periodic updates from my phone; however god had a different plan for me. “no service” is what I see on my phone most of the time. I guess I am not supposed to be on any computer device. Or, another friend gave me his own “non spiritual” perspective and said “it’s a sign that you need to change mobile phone companies”. I guess both reasons might apply. For now though I wander around the lake in search of the “sweet spot” where I get service and can check email and make sure sikhnet is up and running.

I had hoped to do regular video updates from my phone, but it looks like they will be less frequent. You can watch my journey in video at http://qik.com/mrsikhnet

Ok, time to really disconnect and do some yoga and meditation.

One Response to “Disconnected”

  1. Amrita Kaur says:

    look forward to hearing updates after!!! :)