Some more pictures and off to Florida…

Well, the time has come to take a bit of Rest and Relaxation (hopefully)! This is my time of the year to get a break from all the work at SikhNet and get away. Tommorow morning early me and Narayan are driving to the airport to go to the Winter Solstice Camp in Lake Wales, Florida. There is snow forcast for tonight so I hopefully things go well  (on normal days it’s 1.5 hours to the airport so have to leave about 3 years before the flight).

I decided that I will travel a bit lighter this time (though we still have 4 bags with all our stuff, including bedding, tent, matress, etc. Bags  have to be under 50 pounds so have to spread it around). I’m actually leaving my camera and laptop behind. No, seriously I am! Well, sort of. I normally bring my big SLR camera (Canon 40D) with all the lenses and gear, but will be opting for my super mini pocket camera. Laptop is left behind, but I am still connected through the iPhone, so I’ll try not to spend too much time on that either. Though it will be fun to do some live broadcasts from the phone and post pictures from there. We’ll see.

 Anyways….. I hope you all have a fantastic holiday season and also get some time to be with your family and relax.

Here are a few pictures from the past week or so….(click to view full size)


CharanjeetReady for GurdwaraReady to Go out in the SnowNarayan in the snowTaking a breakSnow ChairSnow CoveredExplorationFirst Step for mankindMaking CookiesLittle NarayanWarm Breakfast of KheerTrap

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  1. Jaspinder says:

    Very cute…!!!