These days there are so many types of apps that are showing up on the web and in technology to allow people to "broadcast" their life in all detail. On facebook and other social networking sites you can see at a glance what all your friends are up to. On twitter you can see the latest breaking news by"joe anyone" or the mundane "news" about someone eating breakfast or something not so interesting.

Thanks to someone who donated an iPhone to SikhNet I have been exploring some more applications in the iPhone world. I have to say, I like the blackberry phone, but the iPhone is soo cool with it’s big screen and TONS of software programs that you can install on it.

 Anyways…the point of this post isn’t to feature the iPhone but let you know of this cool program that I was checking out over the weekend which let’s you do a live broadcast from your iPhone. Once you install the software and register you just hit a button and all of a sudden your video is live on the internet.You can be anywhere (as long as you get decent phone signal) and just broadcast something to the world live.

I briefly tested this out at party this weekend and it seemed to work pretty good. You can see Narayan and his friends being silly and talking.  You can watch the video and see other "MrSikhNet" video "moments" in the future at:

Over the next few weeks I’m going to play around this more. I’m going to Winter Solstice camp in Lake Wales, Florida in a few days so if I get decent data signal on my phone I’ll try some video broadcasts. If you are are on my twitter list you’ll get updates when I do something live.

I love technology….  :) 

4 Responses to “Lifecasting”

  1. does the iphoen have to be hacked?

  2. I don’t think you need to hack the os to install this app. Check out their website

    I’ve installed so many apps in the past week that I don’t remember the details.

  3. If you have one of the many supported phones and a data plan you can check out qik for yourself and record/broadcast live video from your phone very easily! To download just go to on your phone and download through your phone.

    Supported phones:

  4. Amrita Kaur says:

    heyy thats so cool!