Aspects of God from Jaap Sahib (and T-Shirts)

Today I was planning to stear clear of the computer, but in another streak of inspiration I got sucked into the computer again in an effort to use Gurbani in a visual way. I first tried to see if I could generate one of these images from all the words in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, but that didn’t work (overloaded the program). I then tried to simplify the concept by just using one bani. I started with Japji Sahib, but it didn’t have the intended effect. I then realized that the English translation of Jaap Sahib would be perfect for one of these images. So for many hours I played around with different variations, tweaking the colors/font/text/layout/etc.

Here are a few of the images that I created. You can’t see all the detail in the small ones….but on the high resolution image you can zoom in and see the tiny words inside other letters.

I made some of the images into T-Shirts as well, so if you like it then you can buy a Shirt with the design.

Aspects of God (from Jaap Sahib)

Aspects of God (from Jaap Sahib)

Aspects of God (from Jaap Sahib)

12 Responses to “Aspects of God from Jaap Sahib (and T-Shirts)”

  1. Harkiren Kaur says:

    Satnam Gurumustuk,

    Fantastic idea… Manmeet Kaur (London) has also produced artwork with a similar concept ( If you look under ‘Current Work’ you’ll find a piece with Ek Oangkaar created out of verses from Jaap Sahib.

    Harkiren Kaur

  2. Nirinjan Kaur says:

    Hey Gurumustuk!
    I think this is an awesome idea too! I guess there are infinite possibilities with this idea! Great!

    One thing, I think it might be a good idea to make the words that could have a negative connotation a little smaller. Like, Destroyer and Annihilator. And make more positive words bigger. I mean, I totally understand and think those words are important, I’m just thinking of the immediate impact they would have on people who don’t understand.
    Love and Blessings!
    -Nirinjan Kaur

  3. Nanaki K Dhiraj says:

    Great idea but that’s just the start, what about Khalsa comic book???


  4. Nirinjan Kaur, the size of the words is directly related to the number of times it was used. So the more often the word was used in Jaap Sahib, the larger it shows (and vice versa). I did try to make some of the “negative” words show less prominent, but the tool I used ( is somewhat automated so you don’t have that much control over the layout.

  5. Amrita Kaur says:

    again, i really like this idea.. if i have an idea for a sikh theme tshirt can i send it in?

  6. Sevadar says:

    This is a bit off topic.  But I wanted to know if you could upload some more lectures from Yogi Bhajan?  It has been quite a while since some new ones have been uploaded!

    Thanks so much!

    Chardi Kalla!

  7. Very creative idea!  A simple but modern way of spreading Guru jee’s Word :)

  8. Harpreet Singh says:

    One of the Most sensible and wonderful steps to promote sikhism….. Hats off to such ideologist…. May Waheguru Bless Always…..


    i would like to know the price for the t-shirt
    simardeep singh nagi

  10. shavin says:

    Your work is very very praiseworthy. Please keep doing such things.

    Though I feel like I am butting in-I am not a practicing sikh;far from it- I would like to say something regarding the issue of negative words discussed above. Please do not adopt this line of thought. If you go for “packaging for market” you will loose your way. Think over it. Every age has its idiom. What Guru Gobind Singh ji said at that time has to be respected just like he said. Anyone who wishes to understand his verse would have to understand the religious/spiritual/economic/social/political scenario of that age.
    Remember too that negation is aeons old path  practiced all over Indian sub continent in Hindu and Buddhist fold. One can talk about ‘Advaita’ , ‘Shunyata’ over here. Along with this one can talk of ‘One-ness’. All these have a common target. Removing the veil of Maya and realising the True-existence. (Many may argue I am off  tracking..). Negation is important.

    Please remember that Guru did not do his work in isolation. He worked in context, a five thousand years old context. A context which already very colourful and which got added to itself a thousand more colours from the islamic stream. The context is simply too large to be understood easily.

  11. Amardeep kaur says:

    What a great work of art! Guru mustuk bhaji u r great!
    Also thnx to Shavin.You have presented ur thoughts beutifully..U may not be a practicing sikh but r certainly a very learned and practical person.
    Back to the T-shirt.When and how can I buy a T-shirt ?
    Thnx and Chardi Kala

  12. ishwer inder singh says:

    wowow they are really cool. i wish i had one t-shirt with this design. gurumustuk ji i am your great fan now.