SikhNet Brainstorm – Give Us Your Ideas!

One of the great things (among many!) about working at SikhNet is coming up with new fun stuff for SikhNet to do. Lately we’ve been brainstorming possible projects for SikhNet for 2009-2010 and we’d like to include you in our brainstorm! So, we’ve decided to share our current ideas with you so you can give us your feedback along with your additional ideas and suggestions. We’d love it if you take a few minutes to look at our "short list" of possible new projects and then add a comment or two of your own. Our "Group Mind" is more powerful than any one of us alone, so please join in and help us brainstorm new, cool stuff for SikhNet to do. Thanks!

    Write your feedback and ideas at the bottom of the page…
    • SikhNet Mobile! Get nitnem banis, search Gurbani, listen to SikhNet radio and stream SikhNet videos any time right on your phone, and a special version of SikhNet designed especially for viewing on mobile web browsers.
    • A New Phone Audio Gateway to SikhNet. Just dial a local phone number to hear The daily Hukamnama, Gurbani radio, a children’s story or to receive a Personal Hukamnama at any time.
    • SMS text message subscriptions for your mobile phone. For examle, Gurbani quote of the day, Gurmukhi "word of the day, SikhNet events and news announcements.
    • SikhNet TV – New and varied SikhNet programming streamed through the internet and delivered through your television.
    • SikhNet "Widgets" providing modular content you can integrate with your own computer desktop, phone or web site. For example, the Daily Hukamnama, a random Gurbani quote or the Gurmukhi "word of the moment", news, stories, Gurbani Audio and just about all SikhNet sections.
    • You can subscribe to geographically relevant content from the SikhNet events calendar according to your personal location and be notified by email or SMS text message of Sikh events in your area.
    • New SikhNet Seva page with a list of SikhNet projects and who to contact so you can join that project team and work with SikhNet. For example, daily Hukamnama translation, News columnists, translation of kids stories into Punjabi.)
    • New Multimedia Children’s Section including web-based as well as printed comic books, animated characters to tell children’s stories along with fun and educational Sikhi flash games you can play online.
    • Your local Gurdwara will be able to create its own "mini-website" containing your Gurdwara info and local events. How about broadcasting video from your Gurdwara on SikhNet TV?
    • A redesigned Gurdwara Finder including a "Resources On the Road" section for those who are travelling.
    • SikhNet OPENSPACE Topics. e.g. – leadership, marriage, abuse, drugs, cutting hair, youth relationships. We’ll get the ball rolling with an inspiring video and then you jump in and join the discussion.
    • More SikhNet content in Punjabi. For example, children’s stories and Punjabi news.
    • A redesigned Gurbani section making music tracks much easier to find, forward, rate and download.You’ll even be able to upload your own tracks to the kirtan library!
    • Integration of the "Sikhi-to-the-Max" search engine into the Gurbani audio archive so you can find the words of a shabd and also listen to any audio version of it that’s in the SikhNet library.

    135 Responses to “SikhNet Brainstorm – Give Us Your Ideas!”

    1. Nirbhao Kaur says:

      Many great ideas and responses.
      It has been a desire of me to learn Punjabi, not easy to accomplish by oneself.
      Possibly offering a course would be an idea?



      ssa g,singha nu ik super power banunana hai.christian lok ik jesus christ di shahidi nu leke apna parchar kar rahe han,par sada ta sara itihaas hi sheehidan da bhraya hai.WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH

    3. amandeepbali says:

      SAT SRI AKAL, i’m so happy to be a part of such a wonderful site. firstly i would like to appreciable all the members who are working day and night thinking about how to be connected to our AKALPURAK’S teachings. in todays world there are few guru ka khalsa,rest are sikhs by birth and not by deeds. we should take every possible step to protect and preserve our virsa. we should make our kids well aquinted with punjabi language and gurbani should flow in there veins like blood. gurbani is life blood for us.

    4. Baljit Kaur says:

      Waheguru ji ka Khalsa
      Waheguru ji ki Fateh

      Vir/bhen ji
      Well done! You are thinking so much for the Sikh community and the world at large. Please try to give a section for self judgement too. So people could judge themselves if they have done better things than yesterday. I wrote some ideas after reading your email. If you like to use them, I can email you. Some other readers also gave you nice ideas so try to give place to those ideas as well. You can also provide Larhidaar Saroop of Guru Granth Sahib (Our Guru) to do paath. Yes, make it easy to use Sikhnet for kirtan etc.
      Another thing, I would like to say that Guru Sahib told us in Gurbani the kind of jewellery we should wear and that is the virtues, so promote that please. I have seen a picture on a news paper where some American bibian were dancing and wearing ornaments and Khandas on their turbans too. This kind of things has started in our sikh community like a disease and if we could not stop now then we will never.  I don’t mean Panjabi ladies and they are doing this for centuries but Sikh Amritdhari Bibian and this is not a Sikh way of life but Panjabi culture.
      So try to promote Gurmat via Sikhnet. I will appreciate your comments and I am hoping to see a new face of Sikhnet. May Waheguru give us strength and virtues. Keep up doing the hard work for Sikhism. I can help you to translate literature but my Panjabi typing speed is slower than English. So it’ll depend what I am translating, but certainly I would like to help you in your good work by any means except money. Money wise I have already committed myself but one day I may will help you as well.
      Thank you for giving the chance to others to participate in the progression idea.

      Baljit Kaur

    5. Leonardo Gnavi says:

      Hello. My idea is this: to send these emails in spanish too, and in every language the sikh community uses. There are few of us that can’t read in english, and their ideas are being lost for your purposes.
      Sat nam.
      Liv Avtar Singh.

    6. pawan(pw1) says:

      if we create a online mission game & software in which sikh soldier were fighting with their these we can create awareness among kids about sikh religion and it create interest in our religion & society

    7. Rai Singh says:

      Sat Nam,

      I really like to see the in other languages like Spanish, it is a big work.

      Other think is to do videos of how to do, you all ready have the turban videos, in the same style, but with other themes, like food “How to do, Chapatis”, ” How to do Prashad”, or lessons of Gatkha. Can be a lot of different s things.

      Rai Singh.

    8. Harpreet Singh says:

      Sat Sri Akal to everyone
      What can this servant tell when it all comes from Waheguru.
      through the wisdom I gained all i want to say is
      Sikhnet can spread Mission of Guru Nanak through hosting and organising Unique International Kirtan Darbars/programmes and events for 3-4 days every year and also showing it LIVE followed by routine activities in each country of the world.I understand this is a huge task but good way to bring ourselves and people deprived of real bliss closer to ultimate reality and is something which i miss dearly in Rome.

      I am sure International community will appreciate and love this dialogue.

      2. Similarly Martial arts can be organised and popularised by opening of more and more Gatka schools as in times to come this can prove very useful seeing the hard times we all are going through.

      Dhan Guru Nanak

    9. Dalbir Kaur Bhatia says:

      Your ideas are great.  I was just wondering if we could have something similar to “Gurbani Santhya”, online.

    10. narinder kumar says:

      please add the books to youe site :
      (1) “ek onkar satnam : a book on sikhism” (publisher diamond poket books, purchased from website : (in english)
      (2) “guru nanak dev ji dian varan : saroop ate vishleshan” (publishers : gurmat parkashan, patiala. purchased at [email protected] (in punjabi)
      writer of both books : dr. narinder nirchhal

    11. kamal says:

      All the ideas are really great. Just try to implement them as soon as possible.

    12. pritamKaur says:

      All the ideas are great, and also everyone’s suggestions.
      You already have it, just adding on Sikh families who need help /assistance
      in anyway and connect them to area welfare centres/counsellors/sikh organisations
      ( sikhism issues) in areas closest to them. Welfares/counselling centres ( govt), charities
      to connect to sikh organisations so that any sikhs needing help are also connected to sikh organisaitons to give more support and help to them.m Schools ( sikh children/youth high risk of falling into bad company , problems etc) & sikh organisations for better understanding and collobarate sikh events, activites with them. Sikh organisaitons with prisons/law enforcement office so to be able to render help to sikh inmates needing help while in prison, when release adn helping family to cope…etc…..
      tks. great effort indeed!

    13. Jagdeep Singh says:

      Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh:

      I would really like to see some mobile tools/applications to discover sikhs around you on peer-to-peer basis, something like location based sikh finder for portable devices (and may be project this info on Google maps), and be able to initiate chat with person if both agree and share  knowledge about gurmat.  Now I believe this application would be quite handy for someone who is traveling to a different town or country.  Just couple thoughts from me.

      Waheguru mehar kare,
      -Jagdeep Singh

    14. oh call in live radio show
      kind of like 2 years ago there was this online punjabi radio station, ran by two Singhs doing Americorp, it was called  GTROADRADIO….

      Sikhnet could so do that, from like 8pm-10pm (New Mexico Time) have like guest call in and doin interviews, or like interview people in Espanola….. and have callers call in
      you already have the infastructure, and then you  could podcast it too.

      you could create this space for people to call in and talk about things =) in real time.


    16. harmanpreet singh says:



    17. Balraj Singh says:

      Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

      Gurumustuk Ji, if you need help with any of the ideas mentioned above, drop me a email.

      An idea: Mobile calendar? we all have calendars on your phones…. wouldnt it be cool if all SIkh festivals and important days were listed automatically in the calendar in your phone, Iphones and blackberries?      Programming is involved, but if anyone has the time and knowledge… if you need a hand again… let me know.

      Keep up the good work.

      Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

    18. ranjit singh says:

      Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
      Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
      Dear All,
      Its been really great to see all the efforts being taken to spread the divine message of Sikhism.. but to my opinion I think the most important part of knowledge sharing is through the medium which helps in practising the values being spread for better living. There are so many books, literature, articles, sites, blogs, giving information about all the sikh values in the sacred Guru Granth Saheb. But the irony today is that the meaning of each line, hymn, verse is being used as per our personal convenience and reason. I wish we can start with something like explanation of Gurbani along with the practical living method to get the message imbibed and practised on easily without any confusion and manipulation of the value taught on universal level for the entire humanity. “Sab na Jiyan Ka Ik Datah, So mein visar na jaai…!!”

    19. HARMEET SINGH says:


    20. Why not manage this website similar to Myspace.dom,where we can advertise our services to the community and our businesses can be affiliates on certain pages of  I think will generate interest per click, just like the other ecommerce websites have, such as, yahoo. etc.

    21. Harjeet Makkar says:


      I Want to work for Animal rights , Can anyone please suggest me something on this. My mail id is : [email protected]

    22. Tanya says:

      Gurumustuk Ji,
      Sat Sri Akal,

      This is really good work, with God’s Grace you are providing on website  all are my favorite; Hukamnama, Live Kirtan, Stories etc. listen to the stories remind me I heard those stories when I was kid and I was totally forgot all those. Its really good for my kids they can listen those stories.
      and now if its getting through phone is really good idea.

      Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

    23. amritpalkaur says:

      sat sri akal to every one.

      wow thats soooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! coooooool.

      to have all these on net.

      a great thanks to sikhnet.

    24. P Singh says:

      I think regular updates of up coming events is a very good idea

    25. Gurinder Singh says:

      I think you guys are doing a great thing for the community I have I have an idea think you guys should put English translation of Gurumukhi. Also being someone who knows of a deaf Sikh man I think you guys should translate it into sign language.

    26. kk says:

      wow! thats soo great!!!!!!!!!
      these are sooo COOL things. thank you sikhnet!!!!!!!!!! really appreciate your effots to make sikhnet a GREAT place!! you all are blessed to do this GREAT sewa. may god bless you! thank you sikhnet!!!

    27. Kanwaljit S Uppal, NJ, USA says:

      We all love to see the great job done @SIKHNET.COM I know so many instances where we got good matrimonial matches thru your service. This made this site very popular. I love the most is the LIVE broadcasting from Harminder saheb by Audio link at your sikhnet radio to Darsaheb kirtan

      The most fascinating idea of all listed above is SIKHNET TV thru your website live streaming. This is the most popular and effective media and will become very popular. These days it is so easy to transmit all from PC -> HDTV and watch like a LIVE TV channel – Eagerly waiting for this channel.


      * Look for making this live streaming of TV channel compatible with mobile smart phones like we can do on all your audio links. Difficult task keeping in mind the lean memory available
      * Make package download for related software needed to run your stream so that the first time user have no problem in downloading exactly what is required rather than themself downloading all extra garbage and messing up their computer – you know what I mean?


    28. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.

      All ideas are great…according to me there must be another link like shopping for  buying…gutkas, rumalas,punjabi slogan T shirts and lots more thing…online. first everthing realted to sikhism would be easly available at one point for people and second it could help to raise the donation. …..plz reply to my email about the suggestion.

    29. Pushpal Kaur says:

      Iam very happy to see all the hard work you have done. It just images me. I see people in America, Canada, UK etc are taking lot of interest in Sikh religion but as I have heard that young generation in India specially in Punjab hardly take interest in religion. Many Jathas come to States and Canada to do Kirtan, Kathas and lectures on Sikhism and Gurbani. They should take some interest to go to different villages and do Kirtan, Kathas and lectures in the village of Punjab. They should convince our younger generatiion to take interest in religion than drugs, alcohol etc.

    30. Jogendra Singh Khalsa says:

      Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa !!
      Waheguru Ji ki fateh !!



      Thanks and Regards.

    31. Dilbir Singh says:

      Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ki Fateh.
       Babe di Kirpa hai ki sikhnet is taking so many initiatives and that too for promotion of Sikhi. But technology being  used has its own limitations considering the Sikh Philosphy of Sangat & Pangat  but is it Virtual as U come across in todays scenario. U go to any Gurudwara in india and can C the Sangat majority of which come for snacks & langar and not the Pangat in the real sense. It is heartening to see the Sikhi flourshing in the western hemisphere but what about in Punjab etc. With more & more TV channels beaming signals of Gurbani people remain indoors. Likewise so many negative effects are charging the community and its high time that we have to priortise our own action points at sikhnet. People do not have time to talk to their children about sikhi and expect multimedia gadgets to do their job so one can imagine the half baked product produced out of it. So I would prefer sikhnet intellectuals who are doing great Nishkam Seva , to be specific in seeking peoples response rather than leaving wider scope thereby leaving the comments out of focus

    32. manvinder singh says:

      waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
      sat sri akal ji , i m from amritsar i m always ready to help sikhnet if i can do anything for you i will be pleased  thanx

    33. Jagjeet singh [Mumbai] says:

      Sat Sri Akal G, I feel very proud to be sikh & i am very thankfull to all sikhnetwork team that they are spreding so nice messages across the world .best of luck. RAJ KAREGA KHAlSA. Plz Also  provide some sikh games too.

    34. gurjit says:

      these ides are great plz go on with them and will be of great use for me.

    35. HARMINDER SINGH says:


    36. rajrani says:

      The inadaptability of any religion will cause a loss for the future generations.   There should be a communication structure where people can access advice, assistance and resolution at all levels and expertise.  The entire Sikh community needs support, but women and children in particular.  Sikhs need to be more interactive with other religions such as Hindus and Muslims, because in the UK we are all on the same side.  The religion must not be used as a political weapon for its own purposes.  Its goal must be the needs of the people, which is severely lacking.

      I am a Hindu-Punjabi with many Sikh relations.  Many Sikhs may not know this, but the Hindu-punjabi’s were allowed to keep only one son as a Hindu.  If a second son was born, the first would become a Sikh and join the army.  If a third was born, the first two would join the army.  There were many widows and children brought up in poverty.  There is much to be done for the Sikh women and children who are from single parent families.  Need to tackle issues such as alcoholism, domestic violence, poverty etc as a priority.  Women need support, financial support etc…  We can learn from the Muslims who give a fixed amount donations as a percentage of salaries, and pay their widows money. 

    37. paramveer singh bhatia says:

      sat sri akal  Akal purak SAb da bhala karan i would like to say  u  have done a very good job for sikhish & punjabiat i m very happy to show all these.

    38. Hail Sikhnet for launching initiatives for promoting the eternal values of one-earth mankind as enshrined in the GURU GRANTH SAHIB. All efforts be made to inculcate these values through print, electronic and multimedia making use of converging technologies among children of course but men and women of every age.GURUBANI can yield myriad interpretations as is evident frm the writings of different scholars, so Varioram editions of BANIS SUCH AS JAPUJI SAHIB, AASA DI VAR, SUKHAMANI SAHIB, DUKH BANJANI, SIDH GHOSHTI and so on and so forth, need be brought out.CONCORDANCE of SGGS and etyomology of words  in context of SHABD need be prepared. Extensive use of animation and graphics to tell stories to children.Gurbani audio  and video archive as part of the SikhNet library be put online. More SikhNet content certainly need be in Punjabi but whereever possible it should be availabe in multilingual format.SAKHIS are important as they set up examplers before us and contain perennial wisdom, but all emphasis should be living SHABAD, SEWA, serving the mankind. It would be a good idea to have A BULLITEN BOARD WHERE PEOPLE CAN POST THEIR  IDEAS / COMMENTS /   SUGGESTIONS / NEWS AND QUERIES.INTERACTIVITY need be encouraged all through and at all levels.
      With prayers and all best wishes fo success of MISSION DIVINE. 



    40. We need some option that by which, if we click any line of Sri Guru Granth Sahib then we should be able to listen it.

    41. If I want to know about the sakhi for particular Shabad from Sri Guru Granth Sahib then there sould be some facilities for it.
      Waheguru ji ka Khalsa
      Waheguru ji ki fateh

    42. kkkhalsa says:

      Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh ji
      Sikhnet is an invaluable information resource for sikhs like myself, and is running a very fruitful sewa to the sangat!
      I think there is a lot of need helping the new generation who want to take the path of sikhi but havent got the support for whatever reason, ie parents aren’t amritdhari, or past life experiences etc. Maybe an advisory service of some sort that can be anonymous or not depending on individual need. It would be useful for the youth to be able to clarify any confusion or ask any questions….or they could post their questions on a tab of the sikhnet website, and then a designated sewadaar could possibly reply to any questions on an individual level or on page available for all to view.
      Possibly more work on the matrimonial service for amritdhari sikhs as this is becomming an issue with our generation. Theres still a big need for networking amritdhari sikhs together through arranged group eventsas i think amritdharis are finding very hard to find like-minded partners who are too amritdhari and looking for similar qualities.
      Possibly consider an online gurmukhi/punjabi tutor to help those who cant attend classes or feel out of place becasue of their age to learn punjanbi in a classroom.
      I am always on the go with work etc and find it very difficult to network with other gursikhs and have any kind of veechaar. I think an audio radio station would be great to keep up to date with everything going on.
      Sewadaar could run mobile workshops etc around the country to get our generation networking….arrange for langars to be run in places where needed ie for the homeless around the country, or days where sewadaars go out and help at orphanages or old peoples homes, as guru nanaks message is’ we are all one’ so we can surely try and help anyone,m whether they’re sikh or not….they still have waheguru in them.
      I would like to participate the Sikhnet sewa, so if there are any opportunities, i would greatly appreciate it if someone could get in touch on my email address and i would be happy to help in any way that i can.
      Gurfateh ji!!!

    43. Amarjit Singh says:

      Amarjit Singh

      All are very good ideas.
      1. But slightly in different area one should start Cruises at cost arranged/organized by Sikhnet having  samagam /nitname and Sikhi content together with sight seeing and other things so as to make enjoyable with religious content
      2. Get American sikh’s involved in the above so that more sikhs could be involved and brought into the fold from other religions i.e make some more sikhs

    44. Brainstorming is simply a mind-blowing idea! Kudos to you!

      I would like to share three ideas:

      1. Gurbani-Pramaan-Search-Engine

      [A little background…]
      Whenever I listen Kirtan, the thing that entices me the most is the usage of suitable pramaans (hymns which have the same teachings as the shabad being sung) by the kirtaniya. This is mostly done by Akhand Kirtani Jatha’s but kirtaniya of other genres also use pramaans. Using pramaans in Kirtan dramatically increases the understanding level of the listener and gives a feeling of katha without the kirtaniya actually doing katha. It also tells that how beautifully each line of Gurbani is validated by another line.

      [The Idea…]
      So, the idea is to have a web application where the user can find and read Gurbani Pramaans for each and every line in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. This is indeed a massive project but once ready, it would be such a great resource for the entire community and a treasure for the generations to come.

      [The Roadmap…]
      This application can not be made by a few people alone. To make it possible in the least time and with minimum effort, we can have a just an interface where users can submit pramaans for gurbani lines. These pramaans can be verified and approved by some select learned people. This way slowly and gradually this pramaan-engine would grow for us, just the way Wikipedia has grown over the years :)

      [More Features…]
      What more can be added to this engine is topic based shabads, just the way we have in Amrit Kirtan. In Amrit Kirtan we have full shabads based on topics. But what I’m trying to tell here is single line or sloks based on topics. Like if someone wants a quote which tells that we should refrain from various tempting tastes (maaya) he should be able to easily find “Aan Rasaa Jete Tai Chaakhe Nimakh N Trisna Teri Laathe (180)”

      [The Result…]
      Learning and understanding the contents of Sri Guru Granth Sahib will be catalysed by this application. It will create a mind map for the regular user of this application where each Gurbani line refers to another and so on.

      [How the Idea came…?]
      The idea actually came randomly but there were some incidents in my life which did the groundwork for this idea. One such incident is when a member of Shabad Gurbani Yahoo Group asked for some shabads to prepare for a friends’ birthday. She wrote that the shabad should tell us that our time is less and decreasing day by day. I could recall two of them, “Audh Ghate Dinas Raina Re, Man Gur Mil Kaaj Savaare (205)” and one more which I don’t remember right now. But I knew there are many more and felt lack of some online resource to do this because there are no specific words which can be used here.

      I hope I’m able to convey my idea effectively. Let’s move to idea number two…

      2. Gurbani and Sikhism widgets for ALL social applications

      [A little background…]
      Let it be MySpace, Orkut, Facebook etc.. there are so many social applications now and even publishing websites like wordpress and blogger with so many Sikhs using them. Whenever I use any of these, I occasionaly search for Sikhism related widgets, apps etc. but alas! there are not so many.

      [What to do…?]
      Simple! We have so many great software developers and so many great people from the sangat have given ideas above for social networking. Why can’t we have a bunch of apps and widgets which take us closer to the Guru everyday as and when we use our favorite social networking website :)

      [Some Ideas for Widgets/Apps…]
      1. Daily Hukam with meaning
      2. Sikh History and Facts Quiz
      3. Gurbani Vocabulary Quiz (where meanings of Gurbani Words are asked/taught)
      4. Gurbani Quotes on different topics – Humanity, Love, Peace etc..
      5. Gurbani/Sikhi Games on the lines of hangman? One such example is here
      6. We can have some widget related to Bara Maaha where Guru Sahib gives us motivation in every month to Love the Creator :)
      7… No, the list does not end here. There’s lots more to it. We all are so creative! There is much more that can be thought of and done.

      3. Shabad to Kirtan mapping
      where Shabad = actual text of the Shabad
      Kirtan = recitation/musical rendition of that Shabad

      Actually this idea is already under implementation by the Sevadars of but still I wanted to share it here. The idea says that for almost every Shabad in Guru Granth Sahib there exists one or more musical renditions of that shabad. So wouldn’t it be great if whenever we search for a shabad in a gurbani search engine like sikhitothemax, we also get links to download and listen the kirtan of that shabad? :)

      You can see this idea in play using this example (see additional resources section at bottom of link)

      There might be more things that can be done with this idea. Comments are welcome!

      Taranjeet Singh

      Sikhi SMS Group India (Daily Hukam with translation + Learning Series of Gurbani Vocabulary on Phone + SikhLink of the Week)

      Sikhi SMS Blog

      My technology blog

    45. Jaspreet says:

      How about a Sikhi Nintendo or PSP game for children ?

    46. harvin singh lachhar says:

      I like to say, good job! But Sikhs cannot compete with other religions by stuffing all this. It’s not fair!
      Stats: 9 yrs. old

    47. Botminder Gill Malaysia says:

      Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh,

      Im delighted, you have so many avenues for our sikh community to enrich oneself on sikhism. Most appreciated is the Gurdwara Finder and Hukamnama Translation. Maybe we can start the Sikh Virtual Muzium/Library for those seeking history of our guru’s.

      With Waheguru’s Blessings


    48. Sharanjit Kaur says:

      waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh.

      i love the way sikhnet is working n my suggestion is to attract the new genration towards sikhi because they are the main stream to grow sikhi. And i want that sikh history should be publised in every langauge of the world. And for kids it should be in short stories so that they should say there parents we want to learn about this so teach us whats written in this…If we want to protect khalsa we have to take this step………

      if we took this step god is with us.

      sharanjit kaur

    49. manjeet kaur says:

      WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH. Dear sadhsangat ji you are doing great .Your all ideas are good.I also want to give u a suggestion as a GURU’S nimana dass that if u do the little competions that related to GURBANI, such as kirtan darbar competion and also so many like u did before sikh youth film festival also other things. But u sadhsangat ji doing realy great things. WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH.

    50. Mundeep Achreja says:

      Thank you for all you all do to inhance life.   I know you will come up with some great ideas , I have faith in you.
           Mundeep Singh Achreja