SikhNet Brainstorm – Give Us Your Ideas!

One of the great things (among many!) about working at SikhNet is coming up with new fun stuff for SikhNet to do. Lately we’ve been brainstorming possible projects for SikhNet for 2009-2010 and we’d like to include you in our brainstorm! So, we’ve decided to share our current ideas with you so you can give us your feedback along with your additional ideas and suggestions. We’d love it if you take a few minutes to look at our "short list" of possible new projects and then add a comment or two of your own. Our "Group Mind" is more powerful than any one of us alone, so please join in and help us brainstorm new, cool stuff for SikhNet to do. Thanks!

    Write your feedback and ideas at the bottom of the page…
    • SikhNet Mobile! Get nitnem banis, search Gurbani, listen to SikhNet radio and stream SikhNet videos any time right on your phone, and a special version of SikhNet designed especially for viewing on mobile web browsers.
    • A New Phone Audio Gateway to SikhNet. Just dial a local phone number to hear The daily Hukamnama, Gurbani radio, a children’s story or to receive a Personal Hukamnama at any time.
    • SMS text message subscriptions for your mobile phone. For examle, Gurbani quote of the day, Gurmukhi "word of the day, SikhNet events and news announcements.
    • SikhNet TV – New and varied SikhNet programming streamed through the internet and delivered through your television.
    • SikhNet "Widgets" providing modular content you can integrate with your own computer desktop, phone or web site. For example, the Daily Hukamnama, a random Gurbani quote or the Gurmukhi "word of the moment", news, stories, Gurbani Audio and just about all SikhNet sections.
    • You can subscribe to geographically relevant content from the SikhNet events calendar according to your personal location and be notified by email or SMS text message of Sikh events in your area.
    • New SikhNet Seva page with a list of SikhNet projects and who to contact so you can join that project team and work with SikhNet. For example, daily Hukamnama translation, News columnists, translation of kids stories into Punjabi.)
    • New Multimedia Children’s Section including web-based as well as printed comic books, animated characters to tell children’s stories along with fun and educational Sikhi flash games you can play online.
    • Your local Gurdwara will be able to create its own "mini-website" containing your Gurdwara info and local events. How about broadcasting video from your Gurdwara on SikhNet TV?
    • A redesigned Gurdwara Finder including a "Resources On the Road" section for those who are travelling.
    • SikhNet OPENSPACE Topics. e.g. – leadership, marriage, abuse, drugs, cutting hair, youth relationships. We’ll get the ball rolling with an inspiring video and then you jump in and join the discussion.
    • More SikhNet content in Punjabi. For example, children’s stories and Punjabi news.
    • A redesigned Gurbani section making music tracks much easier to find, forward, rate and download.You’ll even be able to upload your own tracks to the kirtan library!
    • Integration of the "Sikhi-to-the-Max" search engine into the Gurbani audio archive so you can find the words of a shabd and also listen to any audio version of it that’s in the SikhNet library.

    135 Responses to “SikhNet Brainstorm – Give Us Your Ideas!”

    1. Kuldip Singh Panesar says:

      Everything planned by you is for the growth of our Gurbani and Sikihism. I feel  on the website the photgraphs of our Gurdwaras and the functions should also be uploaded by any body who has the selections with them and we should also share their experiernce

    2. lassi says:

      Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

      My suggestions:

      1. Online English-Punjabi/Punjabi-English Dictionary

      2. Online chat

      3. Sikh global statistic section: list of Gurudwaras and Sikh communities of the world, number of people belonging to each communities, names of Granthis, address, phone number, e-mail address, photos of Gurudwara, etc.

      4. Online archaives of films and documentaries related to Sikhism or having Sikh characters in lead or supporting roles. (Hollywood, Bollywood, British, Independent, etc.). These movies can inspire Sikh youth keeping Kesh. Also Sikhnet announce new documentaries or movies about Sikhs sometimes, but then usually only Americans can see them on screenings and the rest of the world can not because you hardly find them anywhere. It would be very useful if anybody could download them from Sikhnet and watch. This way we could also educate non-Sikh people about Sikhs in an entertaining way.

      5. Sikhnet should develop to an even more interactive global network with more members and users from every corner of the world. Information should flow in and out from and to more and more people.

      6. I miss the map with online users. Could you please put it back?
      I think it was very inspiring.

      Anyway i think you are doing a fantastic job and you are simply great.
      May Waheguru bless you!

    3. twinkleghai says:

      i like all your above suggestions but was wondering if there is a way to teach the gurmukhi online.

    4. Dalbir Kaur Bhatia says:

      Suggestion: If we could have Online “English-Punjabi/Punjabi-English Dictionary”, which could have the option for adding new words, just like in Hindi Dictionary Shabadkosh ( there is a section for contribution of new words. These words are checked properly before adding to the dictionary. We do have couple of online Punjabi dicitonaries and those are very useful, but those are not as rich as our language.

    5. Jasbir S says:

      This is an impressive list.  I hope you have time to implement some of these!

      I vote for Gurudwara directories, Punjabi/Gurmukhi lessons and children’s content.

      Children’s content is not easy.  Some nice effort went into Sikh history comic books many years ago but would it be possible to update them not only to modernize but also for a global audience?

      The children’s audio section is wonderful to see.  Is there a way to request more historical or educational content?  It is mostly fables right now.  No offense to the contributors, but some balance would be nice, since you are asking.

      Thank you for this effort and best of luck!


    7. Tarsem Singh says:

      The idea of creating mini-websites for local Gurdwaras is the most powerful of all. By doing that you will be creating/uniting thousands of clusters of mini-Sikhnets all over he world. Younger generations of Sikhs across the world will have a personal allegiance to Sikhnet. The new network will give them opportunity to communicate with each other, compete with other Gurdwara websites, provide assistance in promotion of the annual Sikhnet fundraises in their local commmunities.

      Once the worldwide association is established, the opportunities to spread the message of the Gurus is endless!

    8. paramjeet singh says:

      sat sri akaal.
                         i have gone through many people in the list of suggestions and found everyone suggesting to do this or that.but i would like to know how many of them are working on it themselves.its always from ourselves that we should start with.i’m sorry but i have to say this.we should promote sikkhism from ourselves is necessary to stop our children first who are diverting into others(mona).we should stop our children from trimming.our parents should teach their child to become gursikh from the very begining.we should encourage them to become pure sikhs .one more thing i would ask sikhs that they are spending so much on langars, which are usually meant for poor and needy and now we are having it with pleasures,instead we can invest a bit from it on institutions to promote sikkhism.we should make plays and perform them in almost every city or local areas or if possible in local gurudwaras which can give us some teachings or lessons about our gurus.we should also put down sakhis of our gurus in web so that we shold know about our religion.we should also translate shabads in different languages alongwith some sakhi behind it  so that if a person wants he can refer to it for his own assistance to understand it.much more but we should start it first.

    9. Please make some arrangement to have competetions on Gurbani or Sikhism.
      Have a online test – objective type – let them copy or ask anyone during the exam
      but it will give them awareness about our culture.
      Who qualifys then arrange a different levels and then he should be awared.

      All Gurdwaras are should be utilized properly for enhancing our sikhism not for only nitnem and kirtan only.

      Ghar ghar ander dharamsal – this nitnem should be in every house.
      Gurdwara sahib is a school for us.
      There should be a good level teachings, awareness about sikhism.
      Let them arrange competitions for kids.

      Now a days small kids are all the time at net and they will do a wonderful things for our sikhism. Only need to create some interest in their mind and then you see this little brains
      working like a nuclear power.

    10. I had seen in our Gurdwara SAhib at Mumbai- there was a competetion and no one said that Netnem is being done at their home.
      Even this question was not answered – who is your first Guru.
      This is not their fault.
      Its our fault – we have to find out and it should reach to everyone

    11. randeep singh says:

      dear all, waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh, my suggetion is please provide some topic about dasamgranth some people have confusion, and some are against, due to lack of truth about it, so please refer the truth of Dasam granth the holy banis of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji for sikh sangat and the whole world, again fateh and thanks for all the information and such an exciting articles .

    12. DALJEET SINGH says:

      First teach our culture to our socaity & children.

    13. Sarbans singh says:

      waheguru ji ka khalsa
      Waheguru ji ke fateh

      This is a real good effort and will yeild lasting  impact on th e life on many who are Sikhs and who may aspire to become sikhs.
      Efforts should be made that , at least in  India,  a big attempt  through  TV and other media should be made  in different languages to highlight the KURBANI of  Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji , to save HINDUS.  The coming generation of Hindus are not knowing it and hence not able to appreciate and value the extreme sacrifice made for them.

      I would appreciate if the slogan and concept of Sikh Helping  a Sikh is promoted through your Sikh net

    14. gursimranbir singh says:

      waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh.first i would like to applaud sikh net for the wonderful work that they are doing.i think we should have an open session with our brothers and sisters who are not following the principles of sikhissm( like the people cutting off their hair etc). i think sikhnet should have an open conversation with them like why they are doing it. i mean to say hear their side of story as well and then maybe sikhnet can give proper guidance to them .

    15. harvin singh lachhar says:

      Waheguru. I looked at the SikhNet ideas and that’s wonderful. I have several suggestions:

      SikhNet Kids. Same SikhNet, just for Sikh children.
      SikhNet Social. Social networking and blogging for Sikhs.
      Statistics from a site named Not only do they show your web site statistics, they show where they come from on a map, which country they are viewing the site in and which country has the most visitors to your site (likely to be India because there are more Sikhs there).
      SikhiWiki should have content editing restricted to registered users. This step should only be done if you had vandalism happen on SikhiWiki.
      Club SikhNet. A massive multiplayer, fun, educational Sikh kids, teens and adults game. This idea inspired me from my other favourite game Club Penguin.

    16. Taran says:

      Thanks for giving me this opportunity to express myself

      all the above ideas are good but i think first step is to identify problems, then come up with solutions. A solution that does not have a clear problem its trying to solve, we cant measure its sucess. example problems

      youth and elderly to some extent cant connect to gurbani being recited– sikhitothemax came to rescu but its not being adopetd fast enough, a mobile version would be helpful

      Inferiority complex in Indian youth due to our favorite bollywood – sikhs are steriotyped ad dumb and head strong. some way to connect to youth that don’t even come to gurudawara.

      Gurudawra’s in delhi and other parts of india serve langar everyday to thousands of rickshaw pullers and beggars. these people/sangat are treated as nuisance by local administrators and they feel outcasted in gurudawars. this is pretty bad.

      Could technology help connect to these rickshaw drivers that come in masses to guridawara.


    17. Satnam SIngh says:

      WhaeGuru Ji Ka Khalsa WhaeGuru Ji Ki Fateh!

      My simple Belief is that all Gurudwara’s around the world need to offer inclusion of non-Punjabi speaking sangat.

      Broadcasting a pure multilingual Sikh Channel via Satellite and the Internet sponsored by the Sangat. Understanding the word of the Guru is crucial to spreading the message of Sikhi. Not everyone has the abilty to understand Gurmukhi. Whilst this is a shame it is a reality.

      I humbly thank all at Sikhnet which take the sangat closer to the Guru.

      WhaeGuru Ji Ka Khalsa WhaeGuru Ji Ki Fateh!

    18. Sikh says:

      PLEASE, give us the daily hukamnama via SMS.

    19. The hukamnama via sms isn’t possible without sending about 10+ sms messages. SMS is limited to about 140 characters and the hukamnama every day is many times more than this.

    20. Parminder Singh says:

      Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh.

      First I would like to say that you guys are doing an wonderful job. Now about suggestions on what you guys can do to boost up First of all i would say you guys should create an App. for the iphone, where it will give all feature from listening to audio to watching videos via youtube and also having to choose from reading in gurmukhi and or english. The iphone app. should also give us the ablilty to read the guru granth sahib with ease and also the translations. I believe every sikh with iphone will get that app. ones released.

      I have heard about your sikhnet video compititions. Where ordinary people make videos about sikhi and send them to you. Im not sure what you guys do with the winners. See that is one thing you guys should concentrate on. I also receive many emails from you guys about the videos but it never really made me feel i should make one. But as i watched those videos on youtube, i immdetialy thought i will make one too. The point im trying to make is that what can you guys do that every sikh in the world would want to participate in whatever you guys want them to participate in, may it be videos or audios (having people sing the shabads for compitition or peotry). We have to think BIG. If we go with an objective that we will make the whole world join and then work hard towards it then at the end we will make the whole world join Im not sure if it makes sense to you but please ask me if you want me to be more detailed of what i mean. I use thinking which is called latreal thinking, meaning thinking outside the box. And I believe its the answer to everything.

    21. swarn singh says:

      ”Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh”

                      I am agree with you that we have to think Big. Realy you are doing an wonderful job.
      Same our Gurunanak Sewa Society wants to do.

      with regards
      swarn singh
      director gurunanak academy, ratia,haryana,india.
      email:[email protected]

    22. Surjit Singh says:

      Waheguru Ji Kha Khalsa
      Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

      This is a wonderful initiative and  I pray that it goes long. The first thing that comes to my mind is to understand the values of Sikhism… this can be done by translating Guru’s teachings in Guru Granth Sahib Ji in simple understable terms. We can start this by Nitnem, go on to Sukhmani Sahib, Asa Di Vaar and so on…

      Personally i believe the translations should be sent on cell phone as it is the medium which is never separated from a person.

      I welcome your thoughts and apologize for any mistakes.

      Chad Di Kala

    23. harminder says:

      Some great ideas and thinking, we really need a Sikh Net TV.

    24. Amandeep Sehmbi says:

      sat sri akal! what amazing ideas, and great inspiration. i think the best ideas are the following

      SikhNet TV

      SikhNet “Widgets”

      events calendar list of SikhNet projects

      New Multimedia Children’s Section

    25. Khalsa Ji, you are doing wonderful job! We are very greateful to you for your efforts and the time you are spending to educate young Sikh generation. Well, all of your ideas are The Best! but i will ask you to add one more thing and that is, an easy way of communication between all Sikhs in this world. I mean if a Sikh want to send his/her message to other Sikhs in this world over the net then there should be an easy way of communication. In other worlds let’s say if a Sikh learn about some thing bad which shouldn’t be happening with the Sikhs (for example, a TV ad which is kind of against the Sikhism then who ever sees it first should be able to warn all other Sikhs so that it can be stopped right away etc.) not just this example but there could be some thing else and if Sikhs in this world have a way to learn these type of things quicker and easier then it will help Sikhs to fight against these type of incidents and much more.

    26. bhupi says:

      Sat sri akal!  All your ideas are very good, but most people forget the elderly, ill, disabled and their carers and those who cannot use the computer or do not have a computer or the skills to use it.

      I would like to set up a free for all TV Channel on Gurbani, Kirtan and story telly on Sikhism 24/7   7days a week in multi languages around the world.  However I am very busy trying to set up a Socal Club for the Asain disabled in West London Uk and am trying to get volunteers to help and getting donations is very hard work, but still this has to be done due to the demand and somebody has to think  about the needs of these groups of people and do something about it.   May one day I will have time for the TV Channel.
      Love and Peace to all.

    27. Upendraya says:

      That’s Too nice, when it comes in india hope it can make a Rocking place for youngster.. hope that come true.

    28. jasjit kaur says:

      Sat Sri Akal.
      It is great what you all are doing for Sikhism.
      Only thing that disturbs me is we are changing  Sikhism, but putting up Pictures of the gurus in Gurudawara Sahibs, and all thes new people who become yogis have started to get them selves worshipped and are bringing in Hindiism, yes i know we have somethings from the hindu religion, but saying that we are very different from there.Today we are wrshipping the forms on  pictures tom we will have murtis in the  Gurudawara Sahibs.
      If we want Sikhism to stay in this world in its true form then we need to preach it the write way.We are just 600 years old religion and we have already formed so many different rituals in it.If one sees , it is one of the most pure and simple form of religion. would appreciate if you would  help pass on the true way of this religion.Thank you for doing a fantastic job.Also i dont know how, can we have  a site on the web , if we want to listen to Gurbani we can get on to it.then to go on different sites, and we find Gurbani, with Hindi film songs etc.Is it possible to do do.Thank you .Regards.

    29. RAJU TINNA says:

      Your Comment…rI Want to know whether in prabhat pheri we use to sing kirtan in paki BANI b ut now adays we are listing this shabad kirtan in kachi BANI what u thinks this is good or not. Now a days this types of bani are now used in NAGAR KIRTAN . Please let me know thi s will effects in ouior sikhi cluture or not or this is good.there are so much of hindusim in our cluture  how can we remove that

    30. RAJU TINNA says:

      Sorry if some one hurts with my words it is not intansially but i want to tell you today where their is rain sabai kiirtanor Samagam the person who iat s telling truth about our cluture/sikhissm/our people/what are they doing now forgetting our cluture/virsa/our social activity getting less time to say why on otherside if any political person takes time he has no limitiation why or ouravcommitte favourite person also has no limitations what u say

    31. harvarinder singh says:

      I want sorry my god beacous i can”t be a rel sikh  but i alwes want that my brother and sister alwes be  khalsa 

    32. KHALSA says:

      I am proud to be a sikh.It can only happen with the grace of God.My message is that try to aware the youth about the sikhism so they cannot find the wrong path.

    33. Harsimrat Kaur says:

      How can we promote the teaching and follow of Sikh Rehat Merada the Shromeni Committee printed to follow only Guru Granth Sahib?

    34. Atma Kaur Baratz says:

      I would love to find a Gurbani training site with simple sheet music for the harmonium accompaniment + the "shabad sheet" (with English translation) available to print out for our little Gudwara participants.

    35. Best you could change the page subject title SikhNet Brainstorm – Give Us Your Ideas! | MrSikhNet to more generic for your content you make. I loved the post nevertheless.