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We have been having planning meetings at SikhNet to brainstorm future direction of SikhNet, and one of the areas which we want to address is the move to mobile computing. Meaning, content through cell phones, and other similar devices. 

I currently have a blackberry phone which has helped me test lots of things, but with the growing popularity of the Apple iPhone I would like to test on this phone as well so that we can create apps/content for various popular phones.

Do you have an iPhone that you would like to donate or sell to SikhNet? I know many people are upgrading to the 3G phone so maybe you can pass on your older iPhone to SikhNet. Let me know asap if you or anyone can help.

Thanks… Gurumustuk S.

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  1. karakara says:

    Sat Nam,

    Yes,  you are 100% correct, people are moving en masse to iPhone from many different platforms.. at my company we are switching from Blackberry to iPhone..  the App Store on iTunes is a major plus,  I’ve purchased apps for our employees to use (IT and Medical), I think it’s time to learn ‘Objective C’.. fyi, Ji, there’s a great developer app coming out for iPhone programming.. no coding experience needed,
    called : ModeBaker , looks pretty amazing, watch the demo  videos, and for your purposes it might be great for making iPhone versions of some of the apps and downloads you already have, if you were to make some of what you have on Sikhnet available as iPhone apps, I’d buy for sure.  Hope this info is useful.  Good luck, don’t know if you’re a programmer, I found it tedious in college…



  2. Harvinder says:

    Your Comment… Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    When i type a particular shabad for eg Kaun Jane (in panjabi) on the iphone keypad button, it does not give me the shabad i am looking for.

    It says no shab found.

    Please calrify as soon as possible.