To the happy person everyone seems happy…

The Guru always gives great wisdom, but today’s hukamnama seemed extra thoughtful to me today. Particularly in relation to people judging others, hate, anger, fighting, etc. Most of us have the tendency to think we "ARE RIGHT" and if someone else thinks something different that they are wrong. We get so set in our own opinions that we fail to see the big picture and close our view. Anyways… here is the hukam for today…

SORAT’H, FIFTH MEHL: To the happy person, everyone seems happy; to the sick person, everyone seems sick. The Lord and Master acts, and causes us to act; union is in His Hands. || 1 || O my mind, no one appears to be mistaken, to one who has dispelled his own doubts; he realizes that everyone is God. || Pause || One whose mind is comforted in the Society of the Saints, believes that all are joyful. One whose mind is afflicted by the disease of egotism, cries out in birth and death. || 2 || Everything is clear to one whose eyes are blessed with the ointment of spiritual wisdom. In the darkness of spiritual ignorance, he sees nothing at all; he wanders around in reincarnation, over and over again. || 3 || Hear my prayer, O Lord and Master; Nanak begs for this happiness: whereever Your Holy Saints sing the Kirtan of Your Praises, let my mind be attached to that place. || 4 || 6 ||

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3 Responses to “To the happy person everyone seems happy…”

  1. Happy/Lucky Singh says:

    This is what I understood: Gurbani Kirtan (Naam Simran, meditation) + Seva (in service of the Humanity) + Sadh Sangat (Guru oriented focused people)= Happiness & Joy
    No wonder people at Kirtan Samagams or 3HO Solstice events seem happier.  They are either doing one or all three at the same time. 

  2. we are synchronized. I ‘m in the Acuarian Pilgrim website. That day after read the hukamnama I was so touch for it that I published there on my page!  It make complete sense let’s Smile inside Smiling outside:)

  3. Amrita Kaur says:

    very true.. thank you