NEW SikhNet Web Browser Toolbar

Today one of the things I worked on was creating a cool new SikhNet tool bar for your web browser. This will allow you to keep up to date with the latest SikhNet content all in one place, without having to find it on SikhNet directly.

There is also a small little audio player in the toolbar that allows you to tune into all the SikhNet Radio Channels, latest Sikh Audio Stories, Gurbani Randomizer, Live Kirtan from Gurdwaras around the world, etc. 

Other features are integrated google search box (along with ability to search SikhNet and SikhiWiki) directly from the toolbar.

There is live chat feature to chat with other toolbar users, custom local weather, email notifier, pop-up blocker and more cool stuff!

Another cool thing is that you only have to download it once. Any improvements we make to the the toolbar will automatically get updated (without having to re-install/upgrade).

Download the SikhNet Toolbar

Let me know what you think and if you have any feedback and suggestions…

5 Responses to “NEW SikhNet Web Browser Toolbar”

  1. Siri Dyal Khalsa says:

    wow, Gurumustuk Felicidades!… this is so cool…. I’m so surprise every time you guys have something done, is really amazing the way a creative mind can work… is funny, when I starting to be familiar with something you already have  POP! you bring something new…. thank you…. let me go play with it ….

  2. kaur says:

    i download it yesterday…….it’s simply amazing…..waheguru bless you!!!!!!!

  3. Harkiran Kaur says:

    Vaheguru jee ka khalsa Vaheguru jee kee fateh

    Is anyone else having trouble listening to the radio stations? For many of the stations I only hear  “You’re listening to Sikhnet radio.”

  4. Sarabjot Kaur says:

    should this work with Safari (Mac browser)? having problems opening the .exe file. thanks for your help!

  5. Harkiran Kaur, thanks for pointing out the issue. I tested the toolbar more and found the same issue in some browsers. Apparently there was an issue with switching from the intro audio clip to the actual live stream, so I took it off. So now you won’t here the “you’re listening to sikhnet radio” anymore.

    The fixes should be updated on your toolbar automatically, so the next time you try, it should work.

    Sarabjot Kaur, the toolbar will work in firefox browser on the mac, but I don’t think it works on safari. You can download firefox web browser here: