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Ever since I got a blackberry mobile phone I have been yearning for more sikhnet stuff on the go (particularly streaming internet radio). In the future we will be doing more and more things on our mobile devices (cell phones, portable audio/video players, etc.). This trend has been moving slowly because of issue of compatibility of applications across the thousands of different devices each with their own differences. This also has been slowed by mobile phone companies that are trying to gouge every bit of money they can from us customers and limit what can run/work on phones. In spite of this, things are changing and I think we’ll continue to see the trend of more mobile applications on devices. We’ll be doing all kinds of things on the go, wherever we are, without having to use a full desktop/laptop computer. As this transition occurs, I hope to make more Sikh related content services by SikhNet available on these devices. Till, then it’s only the small number of techy people who take the time to figure these things out try getting applications working on their devices.

This weekend I have been experimenting with various applications that run on the Blackberry Curve, (in relation to social networking) with varied success. A software upgrade for the blackberry software (4.5) just release some new and improved features (video recording, better streaming, watch youtube videos, etc) that I have been waiting for. I probably wont be watching youtube on my phone very much, but it is cool to know I can if I want.

 I tried out the facebook application which allows you to keep up with facebook on the go, but it wasn’t so exciting for me. I prefer to keep this one for my computer.

I am pretty busy all the time so don’t have much time to hear/read the news, so love the mobile version of which allows me to get hear the latest hourly news headlines and listen to individual stories. What’s cool is that this works on most any phone since when you click to hear a story it actually dials a phone number and you hear the news. I mostly use the hourly phone news number which gives me the latest news in about 3-5 minutes. You can listen to it by dialing your phone to: +1-202-609-7549. My radio isn’t working in the car, so as I drive to my office I just press the speed dial on my phone and put speakerphone on.

I’ve been posting little"twitter" updates so tried out a program called "twitterberry" which is pretty useful, so I can post short little messages about what’s going on and "happenings" wherever I am.

If you post pictures, videos, text, and other stuff to lots of different social networking sites this is one program which you might find useful called "ShoZu". The issue I have is that I have a facebook account (friends), flickr account (photos), youtube (videos),Twitter (Short Text Updates), etc…etc. Shozu makes it simple to post any of your content from your phone to these services. You can even setup what they call a "CC" which you can post a photo/video/etc to all your services all in one go. Ok, so it sounds good, but I wasn’t able to get it to actually work on my phone. So, isn’t so exciting for me yet. Still working on figuring out why the uploads are not going through. Maybe some of you will have better luck.

One thing I did work out was listening to streaming internet radio. In the past I wasn’t able to do this successfully on my phone. Many phone still don’t allow streaming audio/video. I think this was partly due to limitations in the phone and my mobile phone provider, however I just upgraded the software on the phone and now things work!

I didn’t want to pay for radio software, so was looking for something that would allow me to listen to radio stations of my choice. There are services/apps like Flycast and Pandora others that work on some phones, but they don’t allow you to add your own radio streams, and you only have a choice of music that they have listed. Depending on your phone and mobile provider you’ll have to search out a solution for streaming audio.

I wanted to be able to listen to live audio from the Golden Temple (Harimandir Sahib), SikhNet Radio Channels and other Live broadcasts from Gurdwaras. I found a cool new service called Moodio that helps you listen to streaming media on your phone and you can add your own stations. The cool thing about it is that it will even re-encode the audio stream from the radio to whatever bitrate you want so that it plays on your phone. Live streaming requires consistent stream of data…and if your phone can’t keep up with the data…then it breaks up and isn’t nice to listen to. This service allows you to change this and lower the bitrate (size) of the audio stream for smoother playback! It acts as a go-between to change the stream size and format to work with your phone!

I just finished adding most of the SikhNet radio channels and live Gurdwara channels (in World and Religious). After you register at:  then login there…find the channels that you like and add to your favorites. Then when you go to: on your phone and you can access the channels.

My audio system still isn’t working on my car, so am still driving in silence. Now I’ll be able to add a little bit sound and hear live Gurbani wherever I am :) 

Ps. Delving into mobile applications for phones can be time consuming. Not only to figure out and install, but the more apps you setup on your phone, the more you’ll be constantly looking at your phone. So, some discipline is definitely required to prevent it from taking over your life! Hahaha. As they say with Alcohol, Use your mobile phone responsibly; it can be addictive!

14 Responses to “Mobile Internet Radio”

  1. Manpreet says:

    Does this work for IPhone? I tried but it didn’t work! 

  2. There are probably programs for streaming radio for the iphone….but you’ll have to search around to find one. I did a few quick searches and found this:

  3. Hi Gurumustuk! 

    I work for ShoZu. Thanks for taking the time to post.. 

    Sorry to hear you’re having problems getting ShoZu to work. Is everything ok now or do you require support?

    Let me if there is anything I, or any of the rest of the ShoZu gang can do to increase your enjoyment of the service. You can also follow us on Twitter at

    [email protected]

  4. Manpreet says:

    Thanks for your reply . However, I am not looking for just an iphone radio but stations it plays like Live kirtan from Golden temple, amritsar and Dukhnivaran Sahib ludhinan.  I couldn’t any other radio that does so for iphone!!

  5. singh khaalaa says:


    YOU ENTERED MY DOMAIN WELL IT IS FOR GOOD HERE ARE A FEW PROGRAMS I LOVE FOR MY NOKIA series 40 3500 classic, being series 40 it runs java applications only been finding softwares for long found this set very best and very important to me

    there ain’t a browser like opermini get it from
    j2me program 120 150 kb in size best browser i place it along with usual mozilla 
    best overall program

    then there are google maps and paintCAD by some russian guy both are java programs and very best
    vradio is the best radio for phones if you have j2me jsr 75 you can have your own channel here like say mrsikhnet

    ever heard command prompt for phones here it is old windows style command prompt with few basic commands and FTP very good but ftp is a bit slow only a bit when we make comparisions

    mobyexplorer comes at number 1 for being an ftp client for java enabled phones very best i have been using it for

    hope you liked it


  6. satnam singh says:

    Waheguru ji khalsa … waheguru ji ki fateh … I just wanna say something about radio … becau: I have google phone … so that one work with android market … and there is a one app … that aap work for all kind of radio … like sikhnet radio,live from sri harmander sahib. Etc …and did you know about the ebook reder … they have one app for ebook reader … there ‘s so many app for PDF reader but most work … PDF Viewer and offviewer … and PDF reader for gurmukhi gurbani … The sikhnet has for downloading … thanxxx much for ebook reader gurumustuk singh … and that one work on my cell phone … now I have all gurbani in my phone … I can’t belive … it’s like a god gift … becau; I love gurbani … and gurbani kirtan …. they are all avaible on my phone … I am try to some video’s for you tube … and I wanna show every single thing on video … like radio system and ebook reader work on cell phone … if any one wanna know about the radio system or ebook reader (PDF) email me … may be I can help you … and mr gurunustuk singh can you put some more ebook reader for story’s and gurbani kirtan … thanxxx much … forgive me if I say some thing worng to any one … bye … thanxx again … I love this site … this is my fav site in my life ….

  7. AAA says:

    Big BIG BIS thanks to Gurumustuk Singh ji for this article – and sharing this information with us – Now I am able to listen Gurbani radio on my BlackBerry 9700 (Bold -using Rogers ,in Ontario,Canada)

  8. balvinder singh says:

    SSA. Thank you for your article. I am able to listen live darbar sahib kirtan on my BB now. I suggest you share this with Admin of SGPC site also. As when I wrote to them to inquire about how to listen live kirtan on BB, they could not help.

    BIG Thanks again.

  9. Jasneet Singh says:

    Android Users:

    1. Install StreamFurious app available in the Android Market.
    2. Open
    3. Click on Listen
    4. It would download listen.pls file, save it.
    5. Browse to the location of listen.pls and open it.
    6. It would ask for the player, select StreamFurious to play.

    You are done, enjoy the live kirtan from Sri Harmandir Sahib

  10. Aman says:

    For listening to Live kirtan from Shri Darbar Sahin on android, seach for app Kirtan-Live. I found it good. Wahe Guru ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

  11. mrsikhnet says:

    You can listen to live gurbani from Darbar Sahib easily by going to: along with other sikhnet radio channels. This works on Android and other smart phones.

  12. Jasneet Singh says:

    Kirtan-Live is wonderful app, just downloaded it.
    If you want to save some battery, download Astro Player and stream @ 8kbps…good for your phones battery and your data plan bill, if you haven't got unlimited plan :D

  13. Rajendera says:

    @Jasneet: How come using Astro player will save battery rather than using an app.. I am a mobile engineer and what you said doesnt make sense.. can you please explain?