Can You Help SikhNet with Your Camera?

Greetings from SikhNet headquarters Espanola where we are working on our annual Fundraiser!

Digital CameraIf you have even a small "point-and-shoot" digital camera, we’d love to have your help. Come on…. don’t be shy. Be a "star" and lend us your support.

It’s easy! Just take a few minutes to make a short video "shout-out" that we can put on SikhNet for our fundraiser. We will edit the video and put it together with other "shout-out" videos from users.

Just switch your digital camera into movie/video mode and go for it! Once you record something it should store the video file on your camera’s memory, which you can download in the same way you download your pictures.

 Here’s some ideas of what you could say in the video…
(we’ll edit the video so don’t worry about it being perfect).

  • Hi my name is ……. and I’m from ……..
  • I love SikhNet and I use it all the time.
  • What I like most about SikhNet is…….
  • My favorite section on SikhNet is……..
  • SikhNet has made a difference in my life…..
  • Share a story about how SikhNet has helped you in some way.

Say whatever you want as long as it relates to SikhNet! Just ad-lib and be yourself. Please send the videos as soon as possible.

Send us the video file by going to: In the "To" field enter: [email protected] Then in the "select a file" part click the browse button to select your video file which is on your computer. Then press the "Send It" button which will upload the video and send us a link to download it.

Thanks so much for your help!

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