How Much Do You Enjoy SikhNet?

Well, it’s that time of the year when we ask YOU for your help in keeping SikhNet alive and well. Every year we have fundraiser and spend quite a bit of time (3+ months) raising money so that SikhNet can continue to provide the many services that it does (including the mrsikhnet blog!). A significant percentage of SikhNet’s funding comes from individual users like you! We don’t have huge grants or outside funding for SikhNet. It comes from YOU, the sangat!

If everyone that visited SikhNet gave even $1, then we would have plenty to support SikhNet, but the fact is that only a VERY SMALL number of the people who use SikhNet actually support it.

Looking at our web statistics about 2 million (2,000,000) unique visitors (people) came to SikhNet in the past 12 months. Out of that number over 28% (560,000 people) come to SikhNet at least a few times a week all the way to a few times a DAY! With traffic like that you might expect SikhNetto have a ton of money in donations, right? Not the case. Since we are not interacting face to face in a local city it’s a very different reality trying to raise money for SikhNet. It’s challenging and time consuming.

During our fundraiser last year we received donations from approx 1,500 people over four months. This is great, but given the number of regular users, this is a tiny, tiny fraction of those that use SikhNet on a regular basis ( 0.27% to be precise!).

It takes significant time, energy, and money to be able to provide these services for the world to enjoy and benefit from. While we don’t expect everyone to support SikhNet with a donation, we at least hope that those that benefit and appreciate SikhNet give something back to SikhNet so that we can continue to grow this service and reach out to ever more people.

Every donation, no matter how large or small is deeply appreciated. If you like the work SikhNet is doing, please consider supporting SikhNet with a recurring monthly donation. This ensures that SikhNet get’s regular ongoing support and we are able to spend less time fund raising and more time working on SikhNet services.

So, please help me grow our supporter base from the small 0.27% to a larger number so that we have the funding to grow SikhNet!

Select an Amount to Donate:

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Ps. You can read the SikhNet annual reports to get an idea of SikhNet expenses/budget and accomplishments for the past two years.

2 Responses to “How Much Do You Enjoy SikhNet?”

  1. Aman says:

    I have always thought that I would do it whenever I have more money but this year shall be it. I will donate this year. Sikhnet has been such a source on inspiration in my life that I will do whatever it takes to save enough money and make a donation.

  2. Thank you Aman! Give what you can….small or large. It is not necessarily how much you give, but that you DO give….and give from your heart! Just as our Guru taught us about Dasvandh, to give 10 percent of what we earn back, to serve others. When you give you create more prosperity for yourself and you are then able to receive more.