Dharma and Meher’s Wedding

Yesterday my friend Dharma Kaur got married to Meher Singh here in Espanola, New Mexico. As always, it was a joyous occation! So many of my old friends from school that I hadn’t seen in years were here so it was also like a mini re-union or sorts.

Here is a video with some of the pictures that I took at the wedding. I’ll post some actual pictures later on…

10 Responses to “Dharma and Meher’s Wedding”

  1. sarbjit singh says:

    Beautiful moments certainly.

  2. Dev Atma Singh says:


    Thanks so much for posting this!  I didn’t get to come back for the wedding, and now I feel as though I did!
    May the blessings keep flowing on our beloved sangat.
    Dev Atma

  3. Siri Pritam Kaur, Yuba City says:

    What great pictures! The only reason I missed this once in a lifetime event was because we had a big fat Naggar Kirtan weekend in Yuba City … these pictures make up (a little at least) for not being able to attend.  

  4. dham says:

    nice….but appreciate if you can tell us the music/shabad from which cd

  5. The audio is by Hari Bhajan Kaur (Espanola Wale), from the CD “Servant of the Heart”. Details at:


    Translation of the Words : “You are constant in each and every heart, and in all things. O Dear lord, you are the one. Some are givers, and some are beggars. This is all your wondrous play. You yourself are the giver, and you yourself are the enjoyer. I know no other than you. You are the supreme lord God, limitless and infinite. What virtues of yours can I speak of and describe? Unto those who serve you, unto those who serve you, dear lord, sevany Nanak is a sacrifice.” – Guru Ram Das ji (So purkhs)

  6. Param Jeet says:

    Dharma and meher may god bless you both for your newly married life, may you both have loads of happiness and success ahead……..thanks mr sikh net for posting there beautiful wedding snaps…….:)

  7. ANNIE LAURIE says:

    Wonderful pictures, must have been a great day.

  8. Surinder Singh - Malaysia says:

    Dharma ji & Meher ji congrats! may God bless you. Finally i get to throw all the nails i was collecting.Please do make a trip over here.

  9. sarabjit singh Dr. says:

    congratulations,gursikh wedding

  10. pushpinder kaur gill says:

    Dear dharma and Veer you both look like angels on earth your costumes are also very good
    God blees u both.