Spanish Translation of Siri Guru Granth on STTM

Today there is exciting news for the Spanish Speaking people of the world! You can now view Spanish translations of Gurbani when doing a search for a shabad on

Recently before his passing, Singh Sahib Babaji Singh Khalsa finished translating the Siri Guru Granth Sahib into Spanish after 30 years of work and multiple bouts of cancer he completed this seva. With digital versions of this spanish translation available from the Sikhs from Mexico I was excited to pass this on to the Sevadhars at to see if this could be added as an additional language option. The sevadhars have been working hard since the summer getting it ready in the form for the web and the STTM software program.They were able to complete this project in time for the 300 Anniv. Celebrations of Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

It is great to see that this hard work is now in the digital realm for all the access easily. The Spanish speaking Sikh community is growing, so this will be a valuable tool to assist them in understanding Gurbani. You can now do a search and find Gurbani shabads and see the spanish translation. See the below secreen shots from STTM website.



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3 Responses to “Spanish Translation of Siri Guru Granth on STTM”

  1. R Singh says:

    Without the internet and sites like Sikhnet as well as software like Sikhi2themax I would not never have found Sikhi. Many more people will find Sikhi because of Singh Sahib Babaji Singh Khalsa’s Spanish translation. So I truly appreciate his seva.

    Are there any projects to translate gurbani (even only Japji) into German/French/Czech/Slovak/Italian and other continental European language? If they have already been made, put them on the internet and promote them please.

  2. M. Pantoja says:

    God Bless all , God bless the Sevardhas of, this accomplishment of the Guru Grant translation to Spanish will be of great help and appreciation to all the spanish speaking community.

    Thank you and god Bless you


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