Seeing With My Ears

This morning as I was editing the latest audio files (from Diwali) that Ek Ong Kaar Kaur sent me to post up on SikhNet for the "Sounds from Hazur Sahib Audio Journal" section it occurred to me how different this was for me. I’m a very visual person and am used to taking pictures and capturing visual type things. Listening to the audio and putting it together has changed my awareness. It’s like reading a book as compared to watching a movie. When you just read or hear, it leaves a lot of room for your visual imagination. So when I listen to the audios it has more impact for me because I close my eyes and imagine I am there, and it feels so much deeper than if I was just watching a video. I think it’s pretty cool.

If you haven’t heard any of the audios or want to listen to the latest reports from Hazur Sahib (Nanded, India) during the 300th Anniversary Celebrations that are going on, then head on over to SikhNet. Close your eyes and just listen as if you were there with the Sangat.

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