Sounds From Hazoor Sahib

Over the next week I’ll be posting little audio reports by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur who is currently on a Yatra with others from our sangat in Hazoor Sahib, India. These will be personal audio journals from the road, during the huge celebrations that are currently going on for the 300th Anniversary of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Most of you who are reading this were not able to go to the events, so the hope is for you to have some connection to what is going on there. I was planning to go on this yatra as well and work on something similar to the 300 Anniversary Baisakhi Celebrations, however there was too much going on at SikhNet for me to take the time off. So, like you all I’ll be enjoying the audio "journals" by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur and any photos that come my way.

Listen Below to the first audio journal :

[Audio:] Download

4 Responses to “Sounds From Hazoor Sahib”

  1. jeet72 says:

    thanksssssssssss a milloooooon for this report, it means a lott to listen sounds from hazoor sahib, plzzz keep the great work , hope to listen more sounuds from hazoor sahib again thankzzzzzz a lotttttttt

  2. Inni Kaur says:

    Tears rolled hearing your report. Why, I don’t quite know?
    “Their hands are folded. Their heads are bowed,” touched my heart.
    The Sikhs at Hazoor Sahib welcome you.
    They know why you have come; you too know why they have come.
    Thank you for creating the space, so that we can journey with you.  With simran in my heart,  I await your next report. Keep us in your hearts as you bow at the Takhat Sahib.
    Guru ang sung!

  3. Mother of four says:

    Awesome.  I wanted to cry when I heard the excitement in the presenters voice.  Thankyou for letting us experience the atmosphere.  May God bless you with Naam and a healthy life.

  4. harmanpreet singh says:

    why tears came out  of my  eyes ????